Replace passive OS fingerprint in mobile proxies

What is Passive OS Fingerprint ?

Passive OS Fingerprint (TCP / IP Fingerprint, OS fingerprint, pOf) - the info collected by the website about the Internet the person uses. For a regular site user, the operating system of the computer and the Passive OS Fingerprint are usually the same.

The OS fingerprint you obtain by using the iProxy service is Linux Android. Despite the mismatch in fingerprints, services accept such mobile proxies, and some work better than usual, adding more trust.

How does it work?

When a user connects to the Internet, the websites they access can request information through the browser about the device the visit was made from. The site can see the user’s IP address, device operating system version, pOf, browser name and version, processor and GPU model, screen resolution, current battery level for laptops, tablets or phones, etc.

In order to make websites trust an online marketer working with multiple account more and establish the correspondence between their operating system and Passive OS Fingerprint, the iProxy team added a feature that lets you replace the service’s standard OS fingerprint.

The following fingerprint options are available:

  • Win XP
  • Mac OS
  • Win 78
  • Win 10
  • Nintendo
  • FreeBSD
  • FreeBSD 9

What devices does support the replace of pOf?

  • Alcatel 1 5033d. Root by iProxy
  • If you have more than 10 root devices we can consider to make some fixes so your devices will be able to replace pOf

How to set up and replace pOf?

In the iProxy app, you need to install the Fingerprint feature, then select the fingerprint you want in your personal account.


A few seconds after choosing a fingerprint, you can check to make sure it changed (for example, on


Please note that when using the fingerprint substitution feature, the selected Useragent in the anti-detect browser must match the fingerprint.

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