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Buy Mobile Proxies for Ad Verification

In the ever-evolving world of digital advertising, mobile proxies have emerged as a crucial tool for ad verification!

These proxies act as intermediaries between users' devices and the internet, allowing them to browse the web with a different IP address. This is particularly useful in ad verification, where advertisers and publishers need to ensure that their ads are being displayed correctly and reaching the intended audience.

iProxy, a leading provider in this field, offers a unique solution by allowing users to create their own mobile proxies from their personal Android devices. This not only ensures the authenticity of the IP addresses but also provides users with greater control and flexibility in their ad verification efforts. With iProxy's mobile proxies for ad verification, users can confidently monitor and verify their ad campaigns, ensuring optimal performance and accurate targeting. In the article, we discuss key points to consider if you intend to buy proxies for ad verification.

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These proxies act as intermediaries between users' devices and the internet, allowing them to browse the web with a different IP address. This is particularly useful in ad verification, where advertisers and publishers need to ensure that their ads are being displayed correctly and reaching the intended audience.

Why Choose Mobile Proxy for AdTech from iProxy.Online

Low price
The cost of using the app is from 6 to 10 $/month.
Fast and simple
Launching mobile proxies from your phone is both quick and easy to do
Maximum control
We support all the necessary features for working with a proxy
Tarrifs with limited traffic distribution supported
Working through iProxy looks like visiting sites from your phone (not hotspot).
We work all across the world
Launch mobile proxies in any corner of the world

Why Use Mobile Proxies For Ad Verification?

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Protection Against IP Blocking

IP blocking is a challenge in ad tech, hindering ad verification. Mobile proxies offer a solution to this problem by providing a pool of IP addresses that can be rotated, making it difficult for websites to detect and block them.

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Improved Performance and Speed

With a vast network of mobile proxies, ad tech professionals can distribute their requests across multiple IP addresses, reducing the load on individual proxies and ensuring faster response times.

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Efficient Ad Verification at Scale

By having access to a vast range of mobile IP addresses, users can conduct verification of multiple ads without encountering problems such as IP blocking or rate limiting.

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Protection Against Ad Fraud

Mobile proxies protect against ad fraud by simulating real user behavior, that helps to identify suspicious ad placements, click fraud, and other fraudulent practices.

iProxy: Empowering Advertisers with Reliable Proxies for Ad Verification

With's proxies for adtech, you can enjoy improved speeds, enhanced privacy protection, greater accessibility, and a variety of useful technical features, all designed to optimize your ad verification efforts.

Increased Accuracy and Reliability

Increased Accuracy and Reliability

iProxy’s adtech proxies enhance the accuracy and reliability of the data collected. By using our mobile proxies, advertisers can ensure that their ads are being displayed correctly across various devices and locations. This allows for more precise ad verification, as the proxies mimic real user behavior and provide accurate results.

N.B.! Proxies mimic real user behavior by routing internet traffic through different IP addresses and locations, making it appear as if multiple users are accessing the internet from various devices and locations.

Cost-Effective Solution

iProxy's proxies for ad verification offer a cost-effective solution. Advertisers can avoid the need to invest in extra hardware by using mobile proxies created from their own phones. Our service comes at a minimal fee of just $6 per month, plus SIM card charges.

N.B.! Discover more about our features and pricing options to find the best fit for your needs!

Cost-Effective Solution

Enhanced Privacy and Anonymity

Enhanced Privacy and Anonymity

iProxy proxies offer a significant advantage when it comes to privacy and anonymity. By using our adtech proxies, users can ensure that their real IP address remains hidden. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the verification process, as advertisers and publishers may attempt to identify and block verification attempts from specific IP addresses. With iProxy proxies, users can rotate their IP addresses, making it nearly impossible for anyone to trace their activities back to their original location.

N.B.! provides several methods of IP address rotation (change at regular intervals, change by link, change via Telegram bot commands, and others), so you can use the method that is most convenient for you.

How to start?

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Register with

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Follow the instructions to create a proxy connection from your Android device

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Ensure that the proxy connection is established, and you can successfully rotate your IP

Done! Now you can enjoy the benefits of your own high quality and cost-effective IP rotating mobile proxies for ad verification.

If you encounter difficulties while setting up the application, you can consult the FAQ or contact the support team via Telegram or WhatsApp.

Need proxies with a Different Geo-Location?

iProxy enables you to create mobile proxies from your device, but the geo-location will always be the same as your device's actual location. If you need proxies from another location, we suggest contacting our trusted sellers.

These vendors use our service and manage «proxy farms» with numerous phones in various countries and cities. They provide quality private mobile proxies at competitive prices – check them out yourself!

Tariffs for Ad Tech Proxies


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Clients Speak: Why We're Trusted

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I was thoroughly impressed with the software I purchased from this company. Not only was the interface user-friendly and the instructions clear, but the software also had an amazing wifi split feature. This feature alone made my experience with the software outstanding. The support team was also top notch, always available to answer any questions I had. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of quality software with unbeatable features like the wifi split.

FAQ about Mobile Proxies for Ad Verification

What is ad verification?

Ad verification is the process of ensuring that online advertisements are displayed correctly and meet the agreed-upon criteria. It involves verifying ad placements, viewability, brand safety, ad performance measurement and ad fraud detection to ensure advertisers' campaigns are running as intended.

How to prevent ad click fraud?

There is no foolproof way to prevent ad click fraud, but some measures that can help include using ad fraud detection tools, monitoring ad campaigns closely, setting up click filters, and working with reputable ad networks.

Can proxies block ads?

Although some proxies have built-in ad-blocking features that can prevent ads from being displayed on websites, the main purpose of a proxy is to provide anonymity or bypass restrictions, rather than blocking ads. Blocking ads is an additional feature that some proxies may offer.

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