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Buy 3G/4G/5G Mobile Proxies for Android

Create your own mobile proxies from your Android device and get 3G/4G/5G and LTE mobile proxies with fast and secure internet access. Buy mobile proxy and enjoy seamless browsing, enhanced privacy, and unlimited data.

  • Your personal private mobile proxies.
  • Creating proxies from your Android device in 5 minutes.
  • Unlimited and convenient IP rotation.
  • Data protection.
  • High stability and speed (network uptime 99,9%).
  • Cost $6-10/month + SIM card tariff.
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Buy 3G/4G/5G Mobile Proxies

Why Do Customers Choose Mobile Proxies from iProxy Online?

With iProxy's mobile proxies, you can enjoy the benefits of a secure and reliable connection while maintaining the appearance of browsing from a residential IP address. A mobile residential IP address refers to an IP address that is assigned to a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, and is associated with a residential internet connection.

Whether it is for social media management, web scraping, or ad verification, iProxy's mobile proxies offer a seamless and efficient solution for all your needs!

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Private mobile proxies with IP rotation are a top-tier offering in the proxy market. They are the best tool for addressing your business needs. And it is exactly the kind of high-quality proxy that you create with iProxy.

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Other mobile proxies come with a high price tag. But with iProxy, you avoid overspending as you generate the proxy using your personal mobile phone or tablet! Our service comes at a minimal fee of just $6 per month, plus SIM card charges.

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Easy Management and Configuration

Within the iProxy personal dashboard, you are equipped with every essential tool needed to set up your proxy connection. Even if you are not tech-savvy, you can easily manage and fine-tune your proxies to your liking.

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Responsive Support

Ensuring user satisfaction and delivering an outstanding client experience are at the heart of what we do. Our committed support team is always available to help through.

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Technical Features

We take great pride in the extensive technical features our proxies provide, all tailored to boost efficiency and simplify your tasks. Here are some key useful features:

  • Multiple mechanisms for IP rotation (regular change at set intervals, change through a link, via a command in the Telegram bot, and more);
  • Wi-Fi Split to save mobile data;
  • Support for HTTP, SOCKS5;
  • API support;
  • Uptime notifications to promptly alert you if the proxy goes offline or comes back online;
  • Traffic Calculator;
  • Logging and log storage;
  • IP address authorization;
  • Seamless IP change (without waiting).

Need proxies with a Different Geo-Location?

iProxy enables you to create mobile proxies from your device, but the geo-location will always be the same as your device's actual location. If you need proxies from another location, we suggest contacting our trusted sellers.

These vendors use our service and manage «proxy farms» with numerous phones in various countries and cities. They provide quality private mobile proxies at competitive prices – check them out yourself!

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Mobile Proxy Use Cases

Whether it is accessing blocked content, protecting sensitive information, or optimizing mobile browsing, mobile proxies offer a versatile solution for users seeking a safer and more efficient online experience. Buy 4G mobile proxy that suits all your needs.

Data Scraping & Market Research

Data Scraping & Market Research

Mobile proxies provide a powerful tool for data scraping and market research, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights and stay ahead in their respective industries.

In the e-commerce industry, mobile proxies enable businesses to monitor competitor prices, track product availability, and analyze customer reviews and ratings. In the travel industry, mobile proxies help gather real-time data on flight and hotel prices, availability, and customer reviews, enabling companies to make informed decisions and stay competitive. Additionally, mobile proxies are valuable in social media research, allowing marketers to analyze user behavior, sentiment analysis, and engagement metrics.

Multiple Accounts on different platforms

Multiple Accounts on different platforms

Mobile proxies provide a secure and reliable solution for effectively managing multiple accounts across different platforms such as social networks, trading platforms, streaming services, and betting websites. With a mobile proxy, you can easily switch between different accounts without the risk of being detected or blocked by these platforms. This is particularly useful for businesses or individuals who need to manage multiple social media accounts, conduct e-commerce activities on different platforms, stream content from various sources, or place bets on multiple betting websites simultaneously.

Ad Verification

Ad Verification

Mobile proxies can be used for ad verification to conduct advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram without the risk of getting banned. By using mobile proxies, advertisers can rotate their IP addresses, making it difficult for platforms to detect and block their activities. This allows advertisers to test and optimize their campaigns without interruptions, ensuring maximum reach and effectiveness.

Spoofing user behavior

Spoofing user behavior

Spoofing user behavior on various platforms such as Google Analytics sites and YouTube views can be achieved by using mobile proxies. By routing internet traffic through a mobile proxy, users can simulate different devices, and browsing patterns, making it appear as if multiple users are accessing a website or watching videos. This can be useful for businesses and marketers who want to manipulate analytics data, increase view counts, or test website performance.

Security & anonymity

Security & anonymity

Mobile proxies enhance security and anonymity, providing an extra layer of security by encrypting internet traffic, protecting sensitive information from potential hackers or surveillance. By routing internet traffic through a mobile proxy server, users can hide their real IP address and location, making it difficult for websites and online services to track their online activities. This can be particularly useful for users who want to protect their privacy and anonymity, avoid targeted advertising.

What Do Customers Say About Us?

Review rateReview service

When I watched the video on Youtube, showing how one can get mobile proxies through iProxy, I was skeptical. I had tried similar services and the problem was that the speed was very VERY slow. I was impressed when iProxy gave me easily a speed of 30Mgpbs, which is sufficient for my project. The customer support throught Telegram is exceptional. I am now going to buy more connections and scale up my project.

Do you want a large mobile proxy farm?

We are ready to assist you in creating a scalable mobile proxy network

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Do you want a large mobile proxy farm?

FAQ about Mobile Proxy

What can you use mobile proxies for?

Mobile proxies can be used for various purposes such as web scraping, social media management, ad verification, market research, and maintaining online anonymity and security.

How often can I change the IP?

The frequency at which you can change your IP address depends on your internet service provider and network settings. Our service provides several methods of IP address rotation, so you can use the method that suits you best.

How long does it take to set up your proxies?

The setup time can vary, but typically it takes a few minutes to set up and configure the necessary settings. Follow this guide to get your own high quality, dedicated and cost-effective mobile proxies.

Do your proxies prevent blocks?

Yes, iProxy’s mobile proxies can help prevent blocks by acting as an intermediary between the user's device and the internet. The proxy server masks the user's IP address, making it more difficult for websites or online platforms to detect and block them.

Can I get a free trial?

After registration, you will be given a two-day free trial, which will give you a great chance to try our premium tariff “BigDaddy Pro”. Following the trial, simply pay a subscription fee based on your chosen tariff plan or buy 4G mobile proxies from our trusted sellers. Check out more about our features and pricing.

What do I need to start using mobile proxies?

To start using our mobile proxies, you need an Android device (smartphone/tablet), a mobile network connection (simcard), a proxy management tool or software to configure and use the proxies, and iProxy application installed on your Android device.

Have questions?

Write to us and we will try to help as fast as possible you and to consult