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Buy Mobile Proxies for Sports Betting

Unlock Betting Opportunities: Bypass Restrictions and Place Your Bets Now!

  • Buy mobile proxies for betting to avoid getting banned from bookmaker sites.
  • Buy proxy for betting that offer rotating IP addresses, support 3G, 4G, LTE and 5G networks, and enable seamless management of multiple accounts.
  • Buy proxy for sports betting and ensure high anonymity and safety.

With you can create high-quality and private sports betting proxy using just an Android smartphone. Our service provides you with premium and cost-effective mobile proxies for working with online bookmakers. Set up your own mobile proxy for betting to ensure secure and anonymous access to betting websites from anywhere.

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Unlock Betting Opportunities: Bypass Restrictions and Place Your Bets Now!

Why Choose Mobile Proxy for Betting from iProxy.Online

With us, you can set up your own proxy connection that is entirely under your control and 100% yours.

Low price
The cost of using the app is from 6 to 10 $/month.
Fast and simple
Launching mobile proxies from your phone is both quick and easy to do
Maximum control
We support all the necessary features for working with a proxy
Tarrifs with limited traffic distribution supported
Working through iProxy looks like visiting sites from your phone (not hotspot).
We work all across the world
Launch mobile proxies in any corner of the world

Benefits of Using a Mobile Proxy for Sports Betting

Boost the competitiveness and efficiency of your business with's sports betting proxy, and enjoy the benefits of high speed, reliability, and security for all your online betting activities.

Proxy allows you to place an unlimited number of bets on a single event with multiple accounts

Proxy allows you to place an unlimited number of bets on a single event with multiple accounts

With multiple accounts, you can place multiple bets on the same event, increasing your chances of winning or maximizing your potential profits. This strategy allows you to diversify your bets and spread your risk across different outcomes.

For example, if there is a football match, a bettor can place bets on both teams or different aspects of the game, such as the final score, goal scorers, or the number of yellow cards.

N.B.! Since betting platforms often prohibit users from having more than one account, it’s necessary to have a private mobile proxy with IP rotation, so that each account has its own IP-address. With the help of our proxy you can mask your IP address and appear as if you are accessing the internet from a different location and avoid getting banned.

A proxy is essential for conducting price comparisons and engaging in arbitrage betting

Our mobile proxy for sports betting allows you to access and analyze prices from different bookmakers in order to find discrepancies and opportunities for profitable betting.

By scraping the data from betting platforms you can compare the odds provided by different platforms and choose the most favorable ones for each bet. This way, you can potentially increase your overall winnings by capitalizing on the best available odds.

N.B.! Since betting platforms have built-in protections against automated scanning, you need private proxies with IP rotation as well as with good speed and performance (if you don’t want to miss out on placing that winning bet).

A proxy is essential for conducting price comparisons and engaging in arbitrage betting

Proxy keeps your data safe and keeps you free from phishing attacks

Proxy keeps your data safe and keeps you free from phishing attacks

Data theft and phishing attacks pose serious problems for every bettor.

A proxy protects your data by encrypting your connection and hiding your IP address. Therefore, even if your data is stolen or you accidentally give your information to a phisher, it will be useless to a thief.

N.B.! Carefully choose your proxy providers, as a proxy provider may have access to some of your data! prioritizes the ethics and security of its clients, ensuring that our practices align with the highest international standards for managing personal data, such as the EU GDPR.

Build mobile proxy farm and get

Remote IP address change + Changing the IP address by following a link
The ability to create multiple proxy access points for 1 phone
Automatic IP rotation
A Telegram bot for notifications and managing IP address changes
SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies supported
High speed
Replacement Passive OS Fingerprint (TCP/IP Fingerprint)
Support for .OVPN and UDP
The «Unique IP» feature
Trusted IP addresses
Unlimited traffic
Data protection

How to Set Up a Proxy for Betting?

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Follow the instructions to create a proxy connection from your Android device

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Make sure the proxy connection is established and you can successfully rotate the IP address

Done! Now you can enjoy the benefits of your own high quality and cost-effective IP rotating mobile proxies for your bets.

If you encounter difficulties while setting up the application, you can consult the FAQ or contact the support team via Telegram or WhatsApp.

Need proxies with a Different Geo-Location?

iProxy enables you to create mobile proxies from your device, but the geo-location will always be the same as your device's actual location. If you need proxies from another location, we suggest contacting our trusted sellers.

These vendors use our service and manage «proxy farms» with numerous phones in various countries and cities. They provide quality private mobile proxies at competitive prices – check them out yourself!

Tariffs for 5G & 4G Betting Proxies


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Clients Speak: Why We're Trusted

Review service

I was thoroughly impressed with the software I purchased from this company. Not only was the interface user-friendly and the instructions clear, but the software also had an amazing wifi split feature. This feature alone made my experience with the software outstanding. The support team was also top notch, always available to answer any questions I had. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of quality software with unbeatable features like the wifi split.

FAQ about Mobile Proxies for Betting

Why do you need a proxy for sports betting?

Our sports betting proxies help you bypass provider/bookmaker blocks and restrictions. Buy top-quality mobile proxies from trusted providers to easily bypass geographical restrictions. They can also be used to place multiple bets on a single event through multiple accounts.

Is using mobile proxies for sports betting legal?

Mobile proxies are a legitimate technology used for various purposes, such as ensuring confidentiality. The legality of their use for sports betting depends on whether it is allowed in your jurisdiction to use proxies and place sports betting, as well as on the terms of use of the betting platform that you use.

Can I use public proxies for sports betting?

It's not recommended to use public proxies for sports betting. Public proxies are often unreliable and can be easily detected and blocked by betting websites. Our service iProxy will provide you with reliable private proxies, guaranteeing your security and anonymity.

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