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How to Make Money With Mobile Proxies - The Complete Guide

Proxy Farming
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Evgeny Fomenko2023-11-20
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How much can you earn from selling mobile proxies?

There are various ways on how to make money with proxy. Understand your clients to better grasp how to find them. How much can you earn from selling mobile proxies? There are various ways on how to make money with proxy. Understand your clients to better grasp how to find them.

This article is not about how to use proxies for your anonymity, but how to earn from $20,000 per month. So if you are planning to build mobile proxy farm and create a profitable and fast-growing digital business, selling proxies will be your gold mine.

We've gathered numerous important questions about getting started, what proxy farms look like, and where to find clients, and we've provided comprehensive answers to them.

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How can you make money with mobile proxies?

Thanks to mobile proxies, users navigate the internet with a mobile IP address. A distinctive feature of mobile networks is that a mobile IP address is trusted and can be easily changed, with a vast pool of these trusted IPs available.

It's essential to understand that the number of mobile internet users far exceeds the available IP address pool. As a result, marketers using mobile proxies blend in with regular people, making mobile IPs trustworthy for platforms.

Owing to the large pool of IP addresses and the ease of changing them, marketers can achieve private browsing. Private browsing ensures that websites see you as a new, unique visitor each time, preventing websites from recognizing and potentially blocking repeated visits.

Mobile proxies have become an integral part of different industries, providing unique opportunities to make money. Here are a few industries where they can be used and ways a user can make money in each:


In e-commerce, mobile proxies can help manage multiple accounts and increase purchases. Users can earn by managing multiple online stores and optimizing their processes, including learning how to buy ecommerce proxies, which can increase conversion rates and profits.

Affiliate Marketing

Mobile proxies provide anonymity and uniqueness of IP addresses, which is important in affiliate marketing. Users can earn by directing traffic to profitable affiliate offers using multiple unique IP addresses to increase conversions and revenue. In simple words, your audience here is those who run advertising on Facebook, Google, TikTok, and other social networks.


In the gambling industry, mobile proxies allow users to bypass the restriction on the number of accounts on a single betting site. This opens up the opportunity to hunt for bonuses on the site and make money from it by using a proxy for sports betting. For example, users can register multiple accounts on which they will use free bets.

Social Media

In the world of social media, mobile proxies allow you to manage multiple accounts from different locations. Users can earn by promoting their brands, providing social media marketing services or participating in affiliate programs.

WEB Scraping

Mobile proxies are ideal for scraping data from websites, especially when using proxies for web scraping. Users can create and sell databases, analyze markets, and provide data to companies to make business decisions. In each of these industries, mobile proxies open doors to new money-making opportunities and provide anonymity and security while online.


Using mobile proxies in the streaming niche ensures that content creators and viewers can bypass geo-restrictions and access content seamlessly with a video streaming proxy. These proxies provide genuine IP addresses, reducing the likelihood of being detected and blocked. The primary objective of using mobile proxies in this sector is to maintain uninterrupted access to streaming content regardless of regional limitations.

SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

Using proxies for SERP scraping allows for the efficient collection of search engine ranking data without triggering bans or rate limits. Proxies ensure anonymous and diverse access points, making it easier to gather large volumes of accurate SERP information from different geographical locations. The primary purpose of using proxies for SERP is to monitor and analyze website rankings across various search engines without disruptions, as well as enabling keyword scraping within the search results.

How much can you make selling mobile proxies?

Your income depends on the number of proxies you plan to sell. Usually, the kickback is from $25-30 a month per phone for European ones, from $40-50 a month per phone for US ones and from $20 a month per phone for CIS region proxies (Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Armenia, etc.). Subtotal: in Europe - from 1,250 $/month, in the US - from 2,000 $/month.

Private, shared or semi-private proxies. What’s the difference and which ones to sell?

Private mobile proxies - issued to a single client. This ensures that the client is the only one working with the resource, and that no other people are using the same IP address.

Shared mobile proxies - issued to multiple people, usually to 3-5 clients at the same time. There’s a chance that clients will visit the same website simultaneously, say, Google. The latter may consider the simultaneous actions of different users from the same IP address as spam and lower the accounts’ trust level. At the same time, regular buyers of shared proxies know well how to work with this format and they’re fine with that risk, most likely they work on unpopular sites, and the risks of the account getting banned are next to zero.

Semi-private mobile proxies - also issued to multiple people, the difference from shared ones is that each client promises to work only on a specific resource. For example, one works through Yandex, while another - through Google. Thus, the proxy access settings are tuned so as to forbid the first guy to visit Google and the second - Yandex. This guarantees that clients won’t accidentally overlap each other when working with target websites.

Private mobile proxies are usually high in demand. In case your client will find your price a bit too steep, you can offer them shared or semi-private proxies, say, at cost price. This will guarantee you won’t go into the red.

For example, the iProxy Simcard+ tariff plan costs 20 $/month, so offer the client shared/semi-private proxies for 20 $/month. Once you get another client for shared/semi-private proxies, sell them for 20 $/month again and secure your profit that way.

For shared and semi-private proxies you set up rotation, usually every 5 or 10 minutes. On an individual basis, you can set up other rotation periods with specific clients. Rotation is necessary to make sure the actions of your customers stay unique.

Why are mobile proxy farms on Phones better than farms on USB modems?

An easy setup that any ordinary, non-tech-savvy person will be able to figure out. Doesn’t require any coding skills, with all the know-how you need covered in the iProxy blog and FAQ. is a service with advanced features, which is improved on a daily basis by narrow-profile highly qualified specialists. When working with iProxy, you get an entire plethora of features.

  • HTTP, SOCKS5 support
  • Rotation setup
  • IP address change via link. IP change link manager: provide different clients with different links
  • A Telegram bot for notifications and IP address changes
  • API support
  • Uptime, which will promptly notify you that the proxies have been disconnected or vice versa - are once again online
  • Consumed traffic count
  • Recording and storing logs (which websites were visited, when and from which IP address)
  • Proxy access points manager. Create however many access-points to proxies you need, up to 15 on the BigDaddy Pro tariff. Leave comments on them, issue different levels of access to different buyers
  • Editing logins and passwords for proxy access points
  • IP address authorization
  • An SMS app to keep logs of SMS messages sent from phones to your Telegram bot. This bot will make sure you won’t miss messages from mobile operators about your balance running low. Read more about it in this article
  • IP address history
  • Setting how long the phone remains in Airplane mode
  • Seamless IP address change (no waiting)
  • The “Unique IP address” feature - checks whether the IP address matches any of the previous ones and if so, makes the phone re-toggle Airplane mode
  • Black/Whitelist for websites. Setting load limit for proxy access points. This will allow you to sell shared or semi-private proxies and guarantee quality to each client.

As for USB modems, you need to develop and maintain all the necessary tech features on your own, you are also tied to a specific location and forced to move the equipment when getting a new proxy access point.

But, to the credit of USB modems, they can usually provide a better Internet connection than phones.

How to Start Earning Money with Mobile Proxies?

The most important thing you need to know is that the proxies you will be selling will be from your own country. For example, if you are in Poland and set up a proxy farm, you will be selling Polish mobile proxies. If you are in the United States, you will be selling American mobile proxies, and so on.

To start making money with mobile proxies you may follow the next steps.

1. Do market research The demand for mobile proxies depends on the geo proxies you will be selling. Use Google to check the demand for mobile proxies from your country.

2. Calculate the profit Calculate the economics of the project: costs of cell phones, sim cards, room rent, electricity, iProxy fee (don't forget to get volume discounts from iProxy).Prices for your clients, and ultimately, your profit is equal to price minus expenses.

3. Imagine yourself in your customer's shoes Test the proxy service. To do this, take an Android device, successfully configure iProxy (the service offers 2 days for free), and connect to your private proxies. You will see how the IP address of your computer is replaced with the IP address of a mobile phone. Test the speed and IP address change. Now you know what your customers need.

4. Finding your first customers Decide how you will find your initial customers. This could involve advertising on forums, in Telegram groups, or partnering with trusted sellers.

5. Monitoring and Optimization At this stage, it's crucial to guarantee connection stability. A 100% uptime and high proxy speed are the keys to your successful proxy business. Connect the iProxy Telegram bot to receive uptime notifications.

6. Security and legal compliance Proxy business, like any other business, requires a responsible approach to security and legal aspects. At iProxy, we have compiled important legal recommendations for sellers to ensure the safety of their mobile proxy selling business.

7. Start selling to your first customers You have at least one phone and a SIM card, and you know how to set up and use proxies. You have a plan for finding your first customers. Begin searching for your initial clients and making your first sales. The very first sales are the most challenging, but as you progress, this process will become routine and less daunting for you.

How to find first clients?

  • Just like in any business, you first need to look for customers on your own.
  • After that existing customers will scale your client base themselves.
  • Then word of mouth will kick in.
  • Focus on finding and working with large (wholesale) customers, ones that order at least 5-10 phones. Practice shows that orders for 50-100+ proxies from one client are real. With large clients, you will have less on-the-ground work with payments/support. Wholesale clients are more professional, tend to have actual budgets, and don’t ask newbie questions
  • Offer your services in our community chat and on targeted forums. Propose your proxies to SERP, web scraping companies, and affiliate marketers.
  • You can also create your website, Telegram channel, chat, and bot for selling proxies.
  • Should your activities prove successful and you manage to roll out 5 working proxies within a certain time frame, you’ll be able to make it onto the list of trusted sellers.

The points listed below are advisory in nature. This is our accumulated experience that can help you at the start:

  • Don’t offer free tests. There are lots of “freeloaders” who will ask you for a free test under the guise of various accounts and then just disappear.
  • Instead of a free test, offer a paid one for a short amount of time, say, for a couple of hours or 1-3 days.
  • Create a Telegram channel advertising your services. Invite your target audience to it.
  • Create your own website. A nice full-fledged website inspires more confidence among buyers.
  • Place ads on forums. In Google Yandex, hit up queries for target topics, like, “mobile proxies forum”, you’ll find lots of forums where you can register and create your own thread for free. If you want, you can test ad formats on these forums.
  • Collect feedback on your services. For example, create a Telegram channel that will send messages with reviews from your customers or invite your customers to leave feedback on the forum, in return you can provide them with a discount on proxies for the next month.

Will iProxy help me find clients?

  • Yes, you can make your way into the list of trusted sellers.
  • You are allowed to make 1 post per month in our Тelegram community.
  • Posts about sellers are periodically published in our official Тelegram channel.
  • When we at iProxy get a user request to rent ready-made mobile proxies, we provide a link to an article with a list of verified providers.


How many proxies will I be able to sell?

The demand for mobile proxies in the US and Europe is insane, they are needed by both webmasters from the CIS region and webmasters from all over the world, from Asia to Latin America and Australia. Mobile proxies in the US and Europe can be sold in quantities of 1,000 mobile proxies per month. Your earnings will be from 1000x25=25,000 $/month in Europe and from 1000x40=40,000 $/month in the USA.

With such volumes, you will need an assistant, as well as locations for placing phones in: these can be ordinary apartments, rented offices, or even a car.

The demand for proxies in the CIS region (not counting Russia) has grown, stemming from the fact that many website have been blocked in Russia. You can easily sell 50-100 mobile proxies a month. Scaling your operation up to 200-300 mobile proxies a month is more than doable.

How to make money with proxies?

Set up a mobile proxy farm, configure IP address rotation, monitor stability, attract clients, and provide prompt service.

How do clients make money using proxies?

Numerous industries allow webmasters to monetize proxies, including e-commerce, affiliate marketing, betting, social media, web scraping, streaming, Onlyfans, SERP, and more.

Which phones should I use?

Almost any Android will do. If you already have some at hand, test them out.

Where should I place my phones?

It can be an apartment, an office or even a car. Just so long as the phones are located in a place where the connection is the best, so as to ensure good Internet speed.

What do your suppliers’ farms look like?

iProxy Online
iProxy Online
iProxy Online

A mobile proxy car farm

iProxy Online
iProxy Online

How to manage phones?

Manage payments from customers, pay for sim cards and the iProxy service on time, and in case phones fall off, quickly identify the reason and fix it - good service and quality are much more important to customers than the price.

How to set up iProxy?

It’s very simple. You’ll need a phone that runs Android and the iProxy app that you need to install. Check out the guide to setting up iProxy.

How to set up an IP address change?

See this article.

What technical characteristics should my proxies have in order to be in demand among buyers?

Proxy stability. takes measures to ensure the connection is stable. The seller’s task remains - to provide high-quality support to customers and provide excellent Internet speed.

How to ensure high proxy speed?

Choose mobile operators whose connection is better in your location

  • Rent offices next to mobile towers
  • Use more expensive phone models that are better at establishing a connection
  • Connect the Wi-Fi Split feature, contact tech support for more details
  • Set up a proxy car farm and leave the car next to a mobile tower :)

For our purposes, a download and upload speed of at least 10 Mbps will do just fine. Buyers often demand speeds of 20+ Mbps, even though they don’t actually need it. Websites with speeds well within 4 Mbps load quickly and Youtube manages to support HD quality.

There is no unlimited mobile internet in my country. What do I do?

Connect the Wi-Fi Split feature, contact tech support for more details.

How to scale my operation?

Continue actively searching for new customers and invest in advertising your business. Marketing and promotion efforts are crucial for expanding your customer base and growing your proxy business.

How to make a link to change an IP address with my domain?

Contact tech support, we’ll help you set it up.

What sort of investment will I need?

You can start with 1-2 devices or as many as you currently have. Monetize proxies based on demand. If orders increase, expand the number of devices.

What do I do if my clients complain about something?

Immediately contact our tech support, we’ll help to solve any arising issues.

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