Adspower is an application for Windows and macOS that allows to run any number of browsers on the same computer in parallel, while remaining anonymous on the network. The application emulates browsers running on different, but real computers, which allows to pass quality checks of the created fingerprints by 100%.

To be successful in working with Adspower, you need to use a proxy correctly. Absolutely any proxy is suitable for work: from static, to resident and mobile proxies., in partnership with Adspower, conducted an independent review of the browser, and also tested the quality of profiles in the Adspower& bundle. The results of 100% anonymity are demonstrated in a video review on the official Youtube channel.

Adspower at the time of writing (September 2, 2022) is the only anti-detect browser on the market that provides the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) service for automatic pumping of accounts in Facebook, TikTok, Google, etc.

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RPA Manual:

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