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What is Wi-Fi Split? How does it help to increase the speed and reduce traffic consumption?

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Evgeny Fomenko2023-11-11
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End user - the user who connects to the proxy (uses the proxy or .OVPN config)

Wi-Fi split - an option in Android application iProxy, which allows to reduce traffic consumption by 2 times and can improve proxy speed.

iProxy Relay Server - intermediate server between the end user and Android-phone. The end user connects to the iProxy Relay Server, which, in its turn, connects to the traffic of Android-phone.

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How iProxy works

Websites are visited by the phone using the Mobile Internet, then content from the phone is sent to the iProxy Relay Server. The download speed of the Mobile Internet is responsible for the speed of loading the sites. The upload speed is responsible for the speed of sending data to the iProxy Server.

Learn more in the article "The path of traffic"

How iProxy works without Wi-Fi Split

Traffic from the phone is sent by the Outgoing traffic of the Mobile Internet without Wi-Fi Split. If the download speed of the mobile internet is 20 Mbps and the upload speed is 3 Mbps, then websites are loading with the speed 20 Mbps, but the traffic is sending to the iProxy Relay Server with the speed 3 Mbps. Therefore, through the proxy, the Download and Upload speed will not be faster than 3 Mbps. That is, the speed of the proxy is limited by the minimum speed of the Download and Upload speed of the mobile Internet.

Double traffic consumption

As you can see from the principle of operation, the phone downloads sites at first(normal traffic consumption), then the traffic is sent to the Server (double traffic consumption is obtained). Thus, the traffic consumption is doubled from the usual amount if Wi-Fi Split is turned off.

Observation from the practice with Wi-Fi Split disabled

There is a simultaneous load on the mobile operator without Wi-Fi Split even with a good Upload speed because the Download speed loads the sites and the Upload speed sends data to the server. Due to the simultaneous load, the speed of Download and Upload gets less, and, as a result, the speed through the proxy can be 10-20% less than on the phone.

How iProxy works with Wi-Fi Split enabled

The traffic from the phone is sent to the iProxy Relay Server with Wi-Fi Split option enabled via the home Wi-Fi, which is fast and unlimited all over the world.

2x data saving with Wi-Fi Split enabled

Due to the fact that the traffic is sent via Wi-Fi, and not via the mobile Internet, the SIM card retains the usual traffic consumption. Thus, there is no double consumption of the traffic.

Increase in the speed with Wi-Fi Split enabled

Wi-Fi Split noticeably improves the speed in cases where Upload mobile Internet speed is lower than Download. Also, Wi-Fi Split improves the speed in cases where the Upload is approximately equal to the Download speed of the mobile Internet, since there is no simultaneous load on the mobile Internet. In cases where the Download speed of the mobile Internet is low, for example 1-2 Mbps, the speed also improves with Wi-Fi split enables, but in this example it will not be faster than 1-2 Mbps.

Observation from the practice

There IP-address of your Wi-Fi will never appear through the proxy. It is technically stated that when the Wi-Fi Split option is enabled, Wi-Fi traffic cannot be used to download sites. You can safely turn on Wi-Fi Split and be sure that traffic is transmitted reliably throughout the entire path. Thousands of iProxy users around the world have enabled Wi-Fi Split and successfully use it every day. It is highly recommended to enable Wi-Fi Split option.

How to set up Wi-Fi Split option?

  • Open "Settings" - "About phone” - click several times on “Build number" till "Developer options" opens.
  • Open “Developer options” and enable the function “Mobile data always on". It may be called differently on the different models of Androin. Another name might be “Keep mobile network on when Wi-Fi is on”
  • Switch the tariff to the BigDaddy Pro on your dashboard
  • Enable Wi-Fi on the phone
  • Enable Wi-Fi Split option in iProxy app on Android
  • The feature is set up. Connect to the proxy and check the speed.

Video how to set up Wi-Fi split option:

Examples of the speeds from clients With and Without Wi-Fi Split enabled

iProxy Online

iProxy Online

iProxy Online

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