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Using a smart socket when working with iProxy

Proxy Farming
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Evgeny Fomenko2023-11-08
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To ensure uninterrupted proxy operation, it's important to keep the smartphone charged and connected to the Internet.

A simple and effective way to extend the phone battery's lifespan is by using a smart socket.

In some cases, users keep their phones constantly connected to a charging device in another room. However, this is not the best way to utilize the phone, as the battery will deplete and recharge constantly between 99% and 100%, leading to gradual capacity reduction and eventual battery failure. The battery degrades faster when charged from 80% to 100%.

Here are some tips to extend the phone battery's lifespan:

Charge the smartphone at an optimal temperature, between +10 to +40 degrees Celsius, avoiding extremely cold or hot environments.

Avoid fully discharging the battery to 0%, as it may interrupt proxy operations.

Use the charger that comes with the smartphone. If it becomes faulty, choose a replacement with similar output current and voltage specifications as indicated on the original charger.

Operate the smartphone battery within the 30% to 80% charge range. Stopping the charging process at around 80-85% can significantly prolong the battery's lifespan.

To achieve this last point, you can use a smart socket.

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How to Set Up a Smart Socket

  1. Download the free Smart Life app on iOS or Android and log in using your existing account or create a new account using your email address and verification code.

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  1. Enable Bluetooth and connect your phone to the home Wi-Fi network where the Smart Life app is installed.

  2. Plug the smart socket into an electrical outlet. The smart socket indicator will blink rapidly (twice per second) in blue.

  3. In the Smart Life app, click "Add" in the "Device Discovery" section. The app will prompt you to enter your home Wi-Fi password to connect the smart socket to the network.

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  1. Once the automatic search for the smart socket is complete, the app will display the added device, and you can rename it if necessary.

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Smart Socket Operation Modes

By clicking on the device name in the list, you can configure the smart socket control.

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In the main device window, you'll find a button to turn the socket on and off.

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For more flexible settings, go to the "Timer" section at the bottom of the app.

In the Countdown section, you can set a countdown timer for socket shutdown.

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The Schedule section allows you to set a schedule for socket activation and deactivation based on days of the week and time of day.

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In the Circulate section, you can set a cycle of charging and discharging periods.

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The Random section lets you set specific socket operation periods on different days of the week and times of day.

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The Inching section switches the socket to automatic mode, where it turns off after a specified period of operation each time it's turned on.

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In conclusion, using a smart socket is an excellent solution for charging phones while preserving battery reserves. For instance, to maintain a charge level between 40% and 80% for the Alcatel 1 5033d, you can set an infinite cycle of one and a half hours of charging followed by four and a half hours without charging using the Circulate option. The specific timings may vary based on the phone model, battery capacity, and proxy usage.

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