Review of the antidetection browser Incogniton

Incogniton is a modern antidetection browser for working with multiple accounts, suitable for both individual users and large arbitration teams.

The main advantages of the browser

  • Teamwork with the appointment of different permissions.
  • Multiple profile management.
  • Data storage. Data from browser profiles is securely stored in an online database, and it is also possible to store data locally on the user’s computer.
  • Human typing emulation to quickly fill in website forms.
  • Data synchronization - the ability to access browser profiles from all user’s devices.
  • The ability to import, export and a Cookie Collector.
  • Bulk creator profiles.
  • Automatic fingerprint generator.
  • Browser automation with Selenium and Puppeteer.

The tariffs of Incogniton are lower than the market average, there is also an ability of free use with a limit of up to 10 profiles.

How to set up proxies in Incogniton

Click on New profile on the top of the application or Create Single on the left to create a signle profile.


Click Randomize fingerprint for a new fingerprint generation on the next screen and choose Add proxy.


Insert proxy credentials. Valid proxy types are http, socks4, socks5. Also you can check Rotating proxy and insert the link for IP changing into the field Proxy rotation IP url.
It’s possible to validate proxy using main server of Incogniton or the external source, choose the option in the field Proxy information provider.


The information about proxy will be displayed after clicking Check proxy: IP, location, timezone etc.


Advanced users can optionally set up additional fingerprints, but the standard browser settings will be enough for a anonymity. Click Create profile and to start working in the profile.


Click Proxy - Recheck proxy to validate the proxy. Use an option Rotate proxy with link to change IP of the proxy.

Incognition 6.png

A pop-up notification will appear as confirmation of the IP change.


This way you can create multiple profiles with different proxies as needed.

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Video review of the antidetection browser Incogniton

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