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MultiLogin is a program for Windows, macOS, Linux that allows you to run any number of browsers on one computer, and the technical characteristics of each of them will differ from each other and at the same time will be similar to other computers that actually exist in the world. This allows you to simulate visiting sites from completely different, but real computers from just your the only one computer.

The technical characteristics mean:

  • Browser version
  • Screen resolution
  • User-agent
  • Languages
  • Processor
  • Timezone
  • Geolocation
  • WebRTC
  • WebGL
  • Fonts
  • Media devices
  • and much more

In order to prevent websites from noticing that actions are being carried out from your computer, you need to use a proxy for each Profile so that the IP-address of each Profile is unique. In MultiLogin, you can use proxies from absolutely any providers, including from the

We conducted an experiment that demonstrates the 100% anonymity of the created browser fingerprints of MultiLogin in conjunction with mobile proxies from

One of the early beta testers of MultiLogin was the founder of, Evgeny #SmoguVse. At the moment, he and his media-buying team use this browser to solve their daily work tasks.

Use the promo code IP5MOB. Users will get 50% cash back on their 1st purchase. So they can use it for payment of the next month.

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