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The Success Story of Proxy Farmer Jumagali from Kazakhstan

Proxy Farming
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Evgeny Fomenko2024-03-07
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Interview with Proxy Farmer Jumagali

Mobile proxies are not just a way to bypass blocks and secure oneself online, but also a source of income for proxy farmers selling ready-made proxies to end users. The demand for proxies is growing alongside the development of business activities on the internet (which means it's growing very fast👌🏻), and mobile proxies maintain an unequivocal leadership among other proxies for use in all areas (including e-commerce, scraping, social networks, and many others).

But how can one make money selling mobile proxies? What are the challenges and opportunities in this business?

We asked Jumagali – one of the iProxy trusted sellers, who shared his experience and success story with us. You can watch the 2023 video interview with Jumagali on our YouTube channel, and in this article, we present an extended and updated version of his story.

Would you like to tell iProxy users about your products, whether it's ready-made proxies from your proxy farm or services you provide using proxies in other areas? Contact our support team through Telegram or WhatsApp and ask for a personal interview in video or text format.

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Jumagali’s Proxy Farm

  • Price: On request via Telegram
  • Geo: Kazakhstan, Astana (Nur-Sultan)
  • Experience with iProxy: Since 2020
  • Number of Devices: 100
  • Main Advantages: 📱 Private mobile proxies. 💡 UDP support. ⚡ Guaranteed high speed due to the proximity of cell towers. 👍 Technical support – 7 days a week. ♾️ Unlimited internet traffic.

iProxy Online

How It All Began How did you start proxy farming?

Jumagali: In March 2020, during the pandemic and self-isolation, I became interested in arbitrage betting and needed proxies to bypass bookmakers' blocks. Purchasing server and home proxies turned out to be ineffective, as accounts were quickly banned. I found the solution to my problem in iProxy's mobile proxies with IP rotation, which was best suited for this task. I even bought 10 Alcatel phones to work with a large number of accounts. After the pandemic, I took a break from betting and, not wanting the purchased phones to go to waste, decided to post an ad for selling proxies through iProxy (iProxy helps its proxy farmers with proxy sales, for example, by advertising on the trusted sellers' page – note from iProxy). I started receiving emails from clients interested in my proxies. I rented out four Alcatel phones to my first client. Thus, gradually progressing in proxy sales, I earned the trust of the service, achieved the status of a trusted seller, and found a new hobby.

By the way, I have a client who has been working with me since the very beginning.

My main business is civil construction; selling proxies is more of a hobby for me that provides a good passive income.

Farm Management A year ago, your farm had 70 devices, and your wife was helping you manage it. How are things now? Does running a farm require special technical knowledge?

Jumagali: Currently, our proxy farm operates 100 devices, with a stable monthly load on 70-80 devices. My wife still helps me manage the farm – she's my main assistant, responsible for the bulk of the technical process of maintaining the farm, as well as communicating with clients. I think that managing a proxy farm doesn't require special technical knowledge; but my wife has learned the basics of obtaining root access and some intricacies of Android system settings.

One of the main advantages of our proxies is the unlimited internet traffic, as well as the presence of 5 cell towers of a mobile operator within a 500-meter radius, which guarantees a stable signal with a good speed. How often do you need to update or upgrade the infrastructure of your proxy farm? Are these changes associated with significant expenses that need planning in advance?

Jumagali: All updates and upgrades to the proxy farm infrastructure are made on an as-needed basis. We try to timely replace outdated devices and update important applications to ensure stable and efficient operation, which protects against unforeseen expenses.

iProxy Online

Working with Clients Tell us about your clients – what are their main requests for your proxies?

Jumagali: Our clients vary, and we try to accommodate their requests. For example, clients often ask for additional settings for IP changes, and we do everything possible to ensure the client is satisfied with the quality and convenient management of our proxies. Of course, there have been situations when there were disagreements and even arguments, but all issues were resolved. There have also been many inquiries about our proxies from foreign users, but our interaction with them is still in the early stages.

The most important things for our clients are that the mobile traffic is always active, the phones are always charged, and the technical support promptly responds to questions, which is what we do. Have there been any cases when you encountered unusual or funny situations while working with clients?

Jumagali: Sometimes clients ask for a large number of proxies for testing or, without specifying any details, they request proxies for a free trial.

Future Plans How do you see the future of your proxy farm? Do you have any desire to turn the proxy-selling hobby into your main occupation?

Jumagali: At the moment, we are going with the flow in the mobile proxy selling market. I think that selling mobile proxies could very well become our main source of income if the demand increases.

My main advice to newcomers in this business is to take a responsible approach to your activities!

iProxy Online

Frequently Asked Questions

How to build a mobile proxy farm?

You can earn with iProxy by creating proxies from your devices and selling access to end users. To create 1 proxy for sale, you will need 1 Android phone + 1 SIM card with fast mobile internet + 1 subscription to iProxy. Then, you can scale your business to hundreds of devices! Read our complete guide on creating a profitable proxy farm at this link.

How often can I change the IP?

The frequency at which you can change your IP address depends on your internet service provider and network settings. Our service provides several methods of IP address rotation, so you can use the method that suits you best.

Are mobile proxies secure?

Yes, mobile proxies offer a secure layer by routing your traffic through genuine mobile networks, making detection harder.

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