What is ADheart.me platform and what does it allow Facebook and Instagram users to do and make their advertising companies campaigns attractive?


The platform allows you to find and use creatives made in Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience network in your advertising campaigns. On the main page, you can see how many creatives are available on the platform, how many were added during the period, on which platforms, devices, and how many were promoted per month.


There are five tabs at the top - creatives, applications, my compilations, partners, telegram-channel. In order to view all the creatives that are on the platform, you need to go to the “Creatives” tab.


There is a voluminous and convenient filter above that will allow you to find creatives according to the selected criteria. But before checking the filters, let’s look at what a creative is.


You can find out when the creative was created, view all creatives on this page, find all creatives with this domain in the link, find all creatives leading to domains on the IP of this creative, and save them to My Compilations. In general, you can find all the information about a creative, from content to source.

You can search creatives by different variations in a Filter option.


If you need to filter by text, or by an exact phrase, or so that the text completely matches the text of the creative, then in the corresponding section, just select this option and enter the desired text or phrase.


Similarly, you can filter by domain, Facebook page ID or IP. If you need to sort by application platforms: There is also a section to choose applications by the plarform: Android or iOS.


Then creatives in the results will be displayed, for example, only on the Android platform.


If creatives are created, for example, on Instagram, you can select only this platform in the corresponding filter or several at once, and as a result you will get creatives created only on the selected platforms.


You can also select only creatives with photo or video content of a certain format, certain creation date, title, promotion geography in the filters. You can also select creatives on a specific language.


Filters allow you to select, sort and view creatives by a variety of parameters, which helps you to find converting creatives at the moment, or use them for inspiration. You will produce your own creatives based on existing ones. You can modify creatives with text inserts, videos, voice acting, etc.

The Applications tab displays all applications that have creatives.


Tab with creatives will be open automatically with certain application in the filters when you choose the app. You will be able to see creatives used for advertising this app.


The “My Compilations” tab displays all the creatives that were previously marked as liked. This is a convenient tool for immediately choice creatives according to various parameters. You can operate with them using the filters in this section.


The “Partners” tab displays all partners of the platform, as well as iProxy.online. Searching for working creatives in Adheart is convenient and is the most popular solution on the market at the moment (January 16, 2023).


It is such a convenient platform where you can find interesting creatives for your work.

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