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GeeLark: The Industry's First Mobile Antidetect for Multi-accounting

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In today's digital world, having a solid antidetect solution is super important if you're juggling multiple accounts. A lot of people who manage many accounts know all too well how tricky it can be to dodge things like IP blocking due to cross-website tracking. That's why many turn to antidetect browsers to keep things smooth. But, it's key to remember that when you're on mobile, you're facing similar hurdles. Apps have a knack for tracking all sorts of stuff, from your device info to your phone number.

That's where a mobile antidetect like GeeLark comes in super handy. By mimicking the mobile phone, it lets you handle multiple app accounts easily, making the risk of getting suspended a lot less likely.

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What is GeeLark

GeeLark is a total game-changer as the first mobile antidetect out there. Instead of just simulating web and mobile browsers like the usual antidetect browsers, GeeLark goes a step further by simulating mobile phones, making it possible to run mobile apps.

iProxy Online
(GeeLark simulates mobile phones)

iProxy Online
(Watching TikTok videos in GeeLark’s phone profiles)

iProxy Online
(Traditional antidetect browser simulates only the browser)

In GeeLark, you can create various phone profiles, each equipped with its own set of details like phone number, IMEI, WiFi Mac address, and Bluetooth address. It's pretty cool because these profiles act just like real mobile phones, letting you run multiple apps simultaneously.

iProxy Online

For what do you need to use GeeLark?

GeeLark comes into play wherever there's a need to manage multiple accounts on the phone discreetly. Here are some areas where where it truly stands out:

Social media management

In a world dominated by mobile screens, social media platforms have rolled out mobile-exclusive features like Instagram's Reels and Stories to improve the user experience. Platforms like TikTok favor mobile use, making video uploads and view accumulation easier. For social media managers, using GeeLark provides a strategic advantage, allowing access to mobile-specific features without needing multiple devices. GeeLark's phone profiles enable easy account and region switching, and device emulation, crucial for engaging targeted audiences effectively.

Account farming

GeeLark is valuable for account farming by allowing users to manage multiple online profiles without needing a physical SIM for each. This simplifies and scales account farming, enabling better tracking and optimization of each account's performance.

Crypto giveaway

Nowadays, many crypto giveaways boost community engagement by requiring actions on mobile apps. GeeLark's phone profile, used as a dedicated device, keeps personal and promotional activities separate, enhancing privacy and security. For participants, it offers a way to manage events and track campaign performance without using their personal phones.

P2E mobile games

P2E mobile games offer real rewards but require accessible tech. GeeLark can remove device limitations, enabling seamless play in MMORPGs and metaverse projects, perfect for gamers and influencers looking to play globally without multiple devices.

Development tests

App developers need to ensure their apps work well on many devices, but can't always test on each one. Using GeeLark lets them see how the app performs on different devices and conditions, giving quick feedback on user experience and performance, and identifying issues before launch.

Mobile iGaming

Whether you engage in an iGaming event through a mobile website or within an app, using GeeLark can spare you the expense and inconvenience of purchasing and managing a multitude of mobile phones.

How to work with GeeLark

GeeLark enables mobile phone simulation through its use of cloud-based virtual phones. So, the first step in working with GeeLark is to buy cloud phones. Navigate to the “Devices” section and click “Buy cloud phone” to acquire your desired cloud phones.

iProxy Online

GeeLark offers three types of cloud phones, varying in usage charges and performance. Read here to find more details.

iProxy Online

After this, you can start creating a new phone profile by clicking “New profile” in the top right corner.

iProxy Online

Fill out the basic information for the new profile, like name, tag, group, etc., then set up a proxy in it and click “Check proxy” to verify its connection and location.

iProxy Online

Finally, you must select a cloud phone on which to operate this new profile. Choose from the cloud phones purchased in the previous step, or pick your preferred type and purchase it after completing the new profile setup.

When it comes to the cloud phone area, you have two choices: the "Auto-match" feature, which automatically selects a region corresponding to your proxy location, or the "Custom" option, allowing you to manually select a region.

iProxy Online

Now finish the profile creation by clicking “OK”, and you’re all set for work! Beyond basic features such as profile and group management, as well as member permission settings, GeeLark provides additional advanced features. One of them is the built-in app marketplace that hosts a diverse collection of applications, covering areas like social media, E-commerce, and video editing. You can install any necessary apps directly to all phone profiles via the "Applications" section.

iProxy Online

GeeLark also offers a tailored automation tool for TikTok account management. Currently, there are three automation templates to choose from: Publish video, Publish image collection, and Account warmup.

iProxy Online

Task points are deducted for running automation tasks. New users can get 5000 points for free. Additional points can be purchased.

iProxy Online

Getting started

To kick off your experience with GeeLark, visit the GeeLark website for comprehensive details on its features, pricing, and integration steps for enhancing your mobile workflows. Don’t forget to use the promo code “iproxy” to enjoy a 15% discount on your subscription and purchase of automation task points. Perfect for affiliates, marketing professionals, or developers, GeeLark provides the best solution for efficient multi-account management.

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