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Capsolver | best captcha solving service provider you are looking for

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Evgeny Fomenko2023-12-18
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Capsolver | best captcha solving service provider you are looking for

Capsolver, renowned as the best captcha solver, deploys advanced AI and machine learning techniques to become the one-stop solution for bypassing captcha challenges seamlessly.

iProxy Online

⭐️ Comprehensive Service Offerings

Capsolver provides an expansive range of solutions to cater to diverse needs. From the common reCAPTCHA challenges to more niche ones like DataDome and FunCaptcha, they have perfected the art of captcha solving. Whether you're seeking to solve reCAPTCHA v2r / v3, solve hCaptcha, or solve FunCaptcha, Capsolver is your reliable captcha solver.

🧩 Detailed Explanation of Services

Capsolver's expertise in captcha solving is evident in their diverse suite of services. Here's a closer look at what they offer:

🖼️ Recognition

🛡️ Token

🔖 Pricing Structure

Understanding the varied demands, Capsolver brings a flexible "pay per usage" model. For those eyeing discounted deals, package pricing is an ideal fit. Additionally, for businesses or individuals with unique captcha challenges, their custom services are a boon. So, if you're on the lookout to solve captcha almost free or at an economical rate, Capsolver is the place to be.

🎉 Bonus Code

When Add funds, use the bonus code "iproxy" to receive an additional 8% balance on the add funds amount.

iProxy Online

💣 Unique Features

Capsolver's commitment goes beyond just being another captcha bypass tool:

  • Flexibility and Customizability: Whether you desire an auto captcha solver for occasional needs or a tailored instance for bulk demands, Capsolver caters to all.
  • Unparalleled Reliability: With a stellar record of 99.9% uptime and managing 100 million monthly requests, Capsolver promises consistent service.
  • Exclusive Solutions: Dive into their insightful blogs to discover how they proficiently tackle unique captcha challenges like FunCaptcha, Datadome Captcha, AWS Captcha, and more.

💰 Extra Earnings: Referral and Developer Program

Capsolver's referral system and developer program stand as a testament to their commitment to their user base. Enjoy profits by promoting or integrating their services, making Capsolver's ecosystem more rewarding.

Referral System

⚙️ Hassle-free Integration

Seeking an auto captcha solver chrome extension? Or, perhaps, a cheap captcha solver API? Capsolver's seamless integration process is a boon for developers and non-tech users alike. Over 300 platforms have already benefited from their API, ensuring efficient captcha solving without the coding complexities.

Google Chrome Extension


Our Firefox extension is about to be launched. You can download and use it through the Capsolver official website or directly search for "Capsolver" in the Firefox Add-ons store for downloading.


Capsolver emerges as a beacon for businesses and individuals. From being revered as the best reCAPTCHA solver to offering unparalleled solutions for various captcha types.

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