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Configuring mobile proxies for absolute multi-accounting anonymity

Proxies count among the most valuable expendable resources for multi-accounting, and it is wise to spend your time and resources on them. Low-quality proxies may compromise your work, and this is why we strongly recommend that you take choosing your proxy provider seriously, and thoroughly configure your proxies in the professional multi-accounting anti-detect browser Octo Browser. This article will give you a concise overview of Octo Browser and show you how to set up mobiles proxies with in Octo Browser to secure maximum privacy and anonymity.

Octo Browser: what it is and what it can do

An antidetect browser Octo Browser is an indispensable tool for affiliate marketing that allows you to work with an unlimited number of accounts, share profiles within a team, automate your working processes, and earn money on traffic management of any scale. Using Octo Browser, you can run Meta ad campaigns, do online business on the largest marketplaces, farm accounts, perform web scraping, scale your business up to worldwide, and even monitor your competitors’ ad targeting, and test your own ad campaign ideas, faithfully profiling your target audience.

Octo Browser’s defining qualities are its speed and cutting-edge functionality. It’s built on Chromium and is updated within a week of each new Chromium release, it’s not resource-hungry and is resource-efficient, and it supports all major OS: Windows, MacOS, and even Linux. Octo Browser is full of useful tools and features that set this anti-detect browser apart from the others: you can see for yourself how useful these features are for you. Today we will address the Octo Browser interface and Quick Profile creation.

The Octo Browser interface is quite simple and intuitive. In the top left corner you can see two buttons: Quick Profile and Create Profile.


You can see a detailed description of your profile parameters in the menu. You can thoroughly configure all of them to specifically fit your tasks, but today we will see how Quick Profile works, as default parameters fit most of the tasks you might use multi-accounting for.


Quick profiles are created in one click. As you can see, next to the Quick profile button there is an option to choose which OS will be displayed in the browser.


We recommend choosing your device OS for better fingerprint spoofing. After clicking on New Profile, you will see your new profile with default parameters on the list.


The profile has been created without a proxy, but you can already run and use it by clicking Start.


Octo Browser uses fingerprints taken from real devices only. Unlike other solutions with similar functionality, Octo Browser kernel manages profile parameters. This is vitally important, as it protects your profiles from detection by checkers and allows the browser to work correctly, which ultimately protects your budget.


Octo Browser allows and facilitates teamwork. Click on your account icon and select Team.


In the Team tab you can add users and assign them different access rights. Octo Browser can be run on any number of devices, irrespective of your subscription plan. This allows you to work in large teams, and also see the latest actions performed by your team in any of your profiles.


Provide an email, access rights, proxy, and other functions available to a team member. Send an invite by email and you’re all set — several users can work with multiple accounts at the same time.



You will see all the proxies that you’ve added and saved for later use in the Proxy tab. The Proxy Manager allows you to add proxies manually or in bulk.


Bulk adding

When choosing to add proxies in bulk, you can simply drag and drop a document from your device if you’ve created a list with your proxies beforehand. This option saves your time, as you don’t have to manually enter proxy details.

Don’t forget to confirm your changes once you’re done.



New proxy

You can also add a new proxy manually. Click on the corresponding button to do this.


You can use the ip:port:login:password pattern to quickly provide the necessary data, or you can indicate the protocol in the beginning: protocol://login:password:ip:port.

Configuring iProxy mobile proxies in Octo Browser

Mobile proxies allow changes in IP addresses and the provider can assign the same IP address to thousands of users simultaneously. This is why anti-fraud systems automatically search for other user identification parameters without checking such IPs. Mobile proxies help in efficiently bypassing anti-fraud systems without compromising connection speed. This is why Octo Browser and iProxy working in tandem provide you with the most effective protection against identification, making you completely invisible.

High-quality fingerprint spoofing provided by Octo Browser and proxies from guarantee you complete anonymity and stable workflow


To get a mobile proxy from, follow a simple registration procedure:


Create a connection:




Install iProxy and OpenVPN on your device:


And provide the necessary data in the corresponding fields in Octo Browser. You can use the ip:port:login:password pattern to quickly fill in the data.


Octo Browser also allows changing IP URL:


To do so, go to Settings in the browser version of iProxy.


And copy the URL for changing IP address in the IP Change tab.


Paste it into the corresponding Octo Browser field:


Check the proxy after filling out the data. If everything is correct, click on Confirm.


iProxy users can also use the promocode IPROXY4. By activating it you can see for yourself how well Octo Browser and iProxy perform in tandem. The promocode is valid only for new Octo Browser clients.


Profile templates


In the Templates tab you can create a pattern profile that will provide predefined parameters for creating quick and new profiles. You can also use templates to configure other profiles without having to repeat manual profile parameter tweaking.

By creating a template you set up a pattern which new or quick profiles will follow.


Each new profile has a menu that allows manual fine-tuning of parameters. You can see these parameters together on the left.


You can add links to starting pages of the new profile. You need to choose the profile OS, as with Quick profile settings. User-Agent, fonts, and other parameters have been pre-set and correspond to fingerprints taken from real devices. We recommend that you do not change these parameters unless you are absolutely certain about what and why you are changing. Keeping these parameters intact helps secure fingerprint integrity.

Should you need to change any parameter, you can easily and intuitively do so in the menu, and see the resulting changes on the right.


The Hardware tab allows you to configure hardware parameters.


The Connection tab allows you to provide proxies. By default no proxies are set. You can choose a proxy from the saved proxies list, or provide a new proxy manually.


The Cookies tab allows you to import cookies by dragging and dropping a file with cookies from your device; or manually by typing the data into the corresponding field.

For example, if you’re using a Facebook profile, you can set the profile cookies here, and in the future you won’t have to log in to Facebook every time you visit it.



You can also import cookies using the quick menu in the profiles menu, or use the Cookie Robot to automate these actions.

The Extensions tab allows you to add extensions and thus expand the functionality of your profiles. You can use both Chrome Web Store and custom extensions.


You can watch our video tutorial if you need help adding extensions to Octo Browser.

Once you’ve finished tweaking parameters, click on Create Profile. A profile with the parameters you’ve specified will be created.


After that, you can click on Start to run the newly created profile.


You can set up parameters and create multiple profiles for all your needs following the same algorithm.

Check out our video tutorial:


You need the best tools and expendable resources for maximum efficiency and the best results. We hope that you will appreciate the unmatched anonymity and privacy that professional tools for traffic management, affiliate and web-marketing provide: make sure to try Octo Browser, the best in class multi-accounting and antidetect browser, and iProxy, a high-quality mobile proxy service.

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