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How to set up proxy in MarketerBrowser

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Evgeny Fomenko2023-11-08
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What is MarketerBrowser?

MarketerBrowser is an anti-detect browser with the technology of anti-fingerprint that helps anyone who wants to manage multiple accounts on the same website and do promotions safely and efficiently. With the built-in Android emulator, emulate multiple mobile phones on one PC. Applications on mobile phones like TikTok, Snapshot, Tinder, and Line all can be emulated. There is an unlimited choice with MarketerBrowser. With the Master Control Program, control multiple windows sync only in one click. With the Analytics, capture any accounts’ data, and help finish the visualizations with a chart to know your accounts and employees better.

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MarketerBrowser key advantages

Anti-Fingerprint And Anti-Tracking Technology To Manage Multiple Accounts With Proxy And User Agent. With Marketerbrowser, you can set the browser’s parameters and fingerprints before opening them, which can differ the information of each browser you open on MarketerBrowser to avoid the website reading your device’s fingerprint but replacing your original fingerprint with a different one. Cookies, local storage, and other cache files become completely isolated and cannot leak between profiles. It also can help you open unlimited browsers to manage multiple accounts on the same website. To ensure your maximum safety and create a separate browsing environment, MarketerBrowser that allows you to open multiple pages and assign a separate proxy and user agent to each page.

  • The Built-In Android Emulator. With the built-in Android emulator, manage multiple accounts and run tasks on your PC that can only be done on mobile phones as usual. Configure different fingerprints and environments for each mobile phone you create.

  • The Master Control Program. The Master Control Program is designed to synchronize the master window’s operations to multiple windows and accounts you opened. Control the accounts and windows you open in just one click.

  • Automation. You don’t have to perform repetitive tasks over and over again. MarketerBrowser allows you to customize your browsing operations and set your sites and accounts to browse or log in to 12+ websites automatically with a simple tap of the button, saving you time. With the feature of automatic Selenium, Puppeteer, and Playwright, you can design browsers to finish the automatic process as you want.

  • Analytics Report Of Accounts Data. The Analytics feature can help you capture all your accounts’ data of operations (including posts, like posts, comments, shares, and upload video+) on all the platforms and can help you finish the visualizations with a chart to know your accounts and employees better.

  • The Team Version. With the team version, you can share accounts and assign rights to your team members as you want. It includes 4 classifications: Team version for 10 team members/20 team members/30 team members/customization.

  • Top-Touch Cloud Storage And Data Storage And Deletion. This browser comes with a remarkable cloud storage solution! With MarketerBrowser, your data can be remotely maintained, managed, and backed up so that you can work from anywhere and securely access your work from any device. MarketerBrowser also lets you manage your Internet browsing experience more efficiently by saving your browsing histories, cookies, and caches, allowing you to access them fast each time you log into your browser.

How to set up proxy in MarketerBrowser

Choose the section Browser on the left of the screen and click the button Create on the top.

iProxy Online

Click Add proxy in the opened window.

iProxy Online

Insert proxy credentials on the next screen. MarketerBrowser supports http, https, socks4, socks5 proxy.

iProxy Online

Click Test, then Save the proxy settings.

iProxy Online

Save the browser profile and you can start working.

iProxy Online

Video instruction how to set up proxy in MarketerBrowser.

For specific needs, you can buy mobile proxy for ecommerce or data scraping proxies. These options provide the essential tools for effective task management.

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