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RentAcc is a reliable service for renting agency accounts

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Evgeny Fomenko2023-11-05
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RentAcc – A Reliable Agency Account Rental Service

Almost every solo media buyer and arbitrage team constantly needs high-quality accounts. However, even well-warmed accounts often lack the trust level of agency accounts.

The RentAcc service is a reliable supplier of agency accounts with some of the best terms in the market.

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Why agency accounts are better than regular ones:

  • Ability to run a larger number of campaigns from a single account;
  • High approval rate for creatives and campaigns;
  • Account balance replenishment without the need to find cards for the right GEO;
  • Ban removal guarantee;
  • Expanded GEOs.

The true benefits and feel of agency accounts can only be fully understood after the first few deposits. After that, you are highly likely to forget the way to the shop with self-registrations and kings.

What Traffic Sources are Available in RentAcc?

As of the time of writing, the service works with eight sources:

  • Bigo Ads;
  • Mi Ads;
  • Mintegral;
  • KWAI;
  • Unity;
  • Trafficjunky;
  • Google Ads;
  • Moloko;
  • Huawei Ads.

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Terms of cooperation and the issuance of agency accounts vary depending on the source. For more detailed information on terms, you can inquire by submitting a request on the service's website or by writing directly in Telegram at @jupilerrst

What Verticals Can Be Promoted with Agency Accounts?

RentAcc does not limit partners in their choice of verticals. You can work with any offers through their agency accounts: igaming, nutra, sweepstakes, finance, dating, crypto, and others.


RentAcc – co-founder of the project Evgeny #Smoguvse, founder of iProxy. TG Channel: Website:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Start Working with Agency Accounts?

In the first stage, a separate chat is created with you, and you receive clear instructions on how to access the agency accounts depending on the source you choose.

How to Pay for an Agency Account?

Accounts are completely free, with only a previously specified percentage charged for account replenishment. With stable deposits and volumes, individual terms can be discussed.

Replenishment is carried out in three ways: USDT, Capitalist, Swift. Payment occurs after you have accessed the account. You can send an ad campaign for moderation and, after confirmation, make a deposit.

What are the Limits on Agency Accounts?

There are no limits on daily spend on agency accounts; you can scale without restrictions. Additionally, refund and balance transfer from account to account and between advertising sources are available.

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