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Review of the antidetection browser Dolphin{anty}

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Evgeny Fomenko photo
Evgeny Fomenko2023-11-18
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This is a multifunctional anti-detection browser that reliably anonymizes the user. The browser provides tracking systems with fake but plausible information about the browser profile. Moreover, you can create as many of these profiles as you want, depending on the tariff. This way, you can create practically an infinite number of accounts on any website, and the more accounts you have, the greater the chances of earning in many niches, whether it's traffic arbitrage, crypto projects, igaming, scraping, or e-commerce.

Let's look at Dolphin{anty} in terms of anonymity and usability.

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Anonymization Features

The main feature of Dolphin{anty} is real browser fingerprints and proactive work. Website trackers and social networks are constantly evolving. The developers of the service understand the dynamics of tracking system development and timely roll out security updates.

When creating a profile, a unique fingerprint is automatically generated for it. And for manual creation of unique browser fingerprints and to make them more natural, there is a cookie robot. It works simply - you just need to insert links, and the cookie robot will generate cookies based on them.

iProxy Online

This is done in the background. In doing so, the fingerprints are made as realistic as possible and do not raise suspicions with anti-fraud systems.

The quality of protection of mobile proxies from in conjunction with Dolphin{anty} is evident from the results of checker tests.

iProxy Online

iProxy Online

There are also other features to meet the requirements of anti-fraud systems:

Scripts: With them, you can farm accounts, register and populate accounts, open links, and perform other automated actions. Mimicking Human Actions: Primarily, this is the Smart Paste function, which simulates text input by a live person. The system also mimics mouse movements, image and text viewing, all characteristic of a real user.


The main idea behind Dolphin{anty} is to achieve maximum results with a minimum of actions. Therefore, the functionality is designed so that users can make significant changes to profiles, proxies, extensions, scripts, etc., in just a couple of clicks.

Working with Profiles: Dolphin{anty} offers a range of features for mass profile management. They are organized in a list format, allowing users to select and manage them easily.

iProxy Online

In terms of management, the following options are available:

  • Add/modify/delete proxies.
  • Add/modify or delete statuses, tags, and notes.
  • Import or export cookies.
  • Duplicate profiles with randomized browser fingerprints. In just a couple of clicks, one profile can be transformed into 10, 1000, or more, each with an individual browser fingerprint.
  • Pin profiles to the top of the list.
  • Share with another person.
  • Add browser extensions.
  • Create and launch an automated script.

At the top, there is a filter for sorting profiles - you can sort them by users, proxies, statuses, tags, and advertising sites.

iProxy Online

There is also an option called "New Fingerprint."

iProxy Online

It is accessed when editing a profile and replaces the old fingerprint with a new one.

In the upper right corner, you can customize the display of columns when working with profiles.

iProxy Online

Add or remove specific columns as needed.

Working with Proxies: Proxies, like profiles, are listed separately in their own section.

iProxy Online

In this proxy section, you can add, remove, and check the quality of connections for proxies. You can also share them with other users. In the "Profiles" column, you can see the number of profiles connected to the proxy server. By clicking on this number, you can view the profiles that use this proxy.

For mobile proxies, you can change the IP address through the profile section with just one click.

iProxy Online

Demonstration of 100% anonymity with and Dolphin{anty}.

We tell you in detail how to set up mobile proxies in Dolphin{anty} anti-detect browser.

Status and Home Page Settings: In the settings section, you can add and remove profile statuses.

iProxy Online

In addition to "Ban," "Ready," and "New," you can add any other status, for example, "Freeze," and choose a color for it. The added statuses will then appear in the profiles section.

In the home page section, you specify the URLs of the pages from which browser profiles will be opened. These pages are linked to advertising platforms. For example, if you create a profile on Google, it will open from the Dolphin Cloud page.

iProxy Online

Similarly, you can create bookmarks with the home pages, but you do this through the dedicated section.

Dolphin{anty} has a section for adding users. You simply enter the email of your colleague or team member there, and the system will send them an invitation link. The invited user confirms their addition via the link and appears in your list of users. Afterward, you can share profiles, proxies, and assign access rights to them.

How to Get Started with Dolphin{anty}?

First, you need to download it from the Dolphin website's main page by clicking on the corresponding button.

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The platform will automatically detect your operating system and offer you the download of the corresponding version. Next, you need to install the file, specify the folder's storage location, and install the anti-detection tool. After that, you should open the anti-detection browser, enter your login and password, or register directly within the program.

Afterward, the anti-detection browser opens with a page listing profiles. The work begins with the creation of the first profile, which can be edited at any time.

iProxy Online

The interface opens with an intuitive design, where you need to input the name, tags, insert cookies, and specify proxies. For convenience, you can simultaneously save the proxies in the proxy list.

iProxy Online

All other parameters below, such as user agent, WebRTC, Canvas, and others, do not need to be edited— the software will automatically select the necessary values. Then, you just need to click on the "Create" button, and voilà, a new profile is ready to work. The entire setup process should take no more than 10 minutes for an absolute beginner in this field.

Afterward, you can add proxies, scripts, bookmarks, and use other features.

The standout feature of Dolphin{anty} is that almost all functions are available on the free plan for up to 10 profiles. So, you can test many of Dolphin{anty}'s capabilities in real work absolutely for free. Paid plans are only needed for team collaboration, working with scripts, and managing more than 10 profiles simultaneously.

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