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Terraleads. Review of the affiliate network using the example of the new offer KETO

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Evgeny Fomenko2024-01-28
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Terraleads. Review of the affiliate network using the example of the new offer KETO

TerraLeads launches a new diet offer: what is known about the high-converting Keto Coffee

TerraLeads is a direct nutra-advertiser and CPA network that has been operating in the market for over 8 years. The affiliate program has its own call centre, R&D department, and more than 3000 worldwide offers. In January 2024, TerraLeads released a new exclusive weight loss powder, Keto Coffee. Learn more details about who might be interested in this offer, how to promote it effectively, and what results to expect.

Keto Coffee is a weight loss product based on natural ingredients. The offer is presented in the form of a powder that simply needs to be dissolved in water to obtain a healthy protein cocktail with a pleasant coffee aroma and taste. The powder is sold in a jar that ensures the product's preservation and easily fits into any bag.

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TerraLeads CEO Yevhenii Mykytenko explains:

‘Over a billion people worldwide suffer from excess weight and obesity. Creating Keto Coffee, we thoroughly studied the specifics of our target audience, including their tastes and preferences; habits and behaviour patterns; problems that buyers often face on the way to an ideal figure, as well as their decision-making motives.

We analysed the market, developed about 20 variations, and tested them along with competitors' products. As a result, we got an offer that takes into account all these factors and helps people with excess weight achieve maximum results with minimal effort.’

The application spectrum of Keto Coffee is quite wide. It is intended for people who want to lose weight quickly, easily, and safely. The product also helps buyers dealing with issues such as increased appetite, chronic fatigue, unbalanced nutrition, cellulite, and poor skin condition.

What is the secret of the Keto Coffee effectiveness?

Active components of the product are responsible for this. The ingredients are selected and combined in such a way as to launch natural weight loss mechanisms by activating ketone bodies. This helps ‘reprogram’ the body to generate energy from fat deposits rather than from proteins and carbohydrates obtained from food.

As a result, the effect of Keto Coffee is similar to the one that comes from following a keto diet. At the same time, the consumer is not required to radically change their habits as weight loss occurs naturally, safely, without the need to regularly visit the gym or adhere to a strict diet. This makes Keto Coffee an ideal product for people who want to lose extra pounds but are not ready to overhaul their lifestyle.

Is it worth promoting Keto Coffee?

Absolutely! The advertiser has already conducted split tests with this product. The results exceeded all expectations: Keto Coffee took the first place in conversion among the most popular weight loss offers.

Currently, Keto Coffee is available in the following countries:

The percentage of adults with excess weight in these and other EU countries ranges from 37 to 58%, so promoting this offer promises to be very profitable.

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What to focus on?

When promoting Keto Coffee, it is worth drawing the attention of the target audience to the problems that the offer helps solve. In particular, the product is suitable for:

  • getting rid of excess weight;
  • appetite control;
  • increasing endurance;
  • combatting fatigue;
  • solving skin problems;
  • maintaining youth and beauty;
  • improving overall well-being.

It is also essential to highlight the main advantages of the product, including:

  • fast results with minimal effort;
  • composition based on natural ingredients;
  • high level of quality and safety;
  • innovative formula;
  • easy to use;
  • pleasant taste and aroma;
  • attractive price.

TerraLeads' offers consistently show a high conversion and approval rate, so the new Keto Coffee has every chance to revolutionise the market for fast, effective, and safe weight loss. By the way, this offer also participates in the massive Cash Rally promotion with a prize pool of over $250,000.

Every month, the affiliate program gives away $10,000 and other cool prizes. In June 2024, the super-final will take place, where the winner will take home the main prize of over $100,000. To participate in the raffles, you need to register with TerraLeads, drive traffic to the promotional offers, and exchange earned coins for lottery tickets. Therefore, affiliates have a chance not only to make a significant profit but also to become the owner of a huge prize.

Play the mini-game and get a bonus to your payout

To celebrate the release of the offer, the CPA network has created a mini-game Labyrinth with its mascot — a tardigrade. According to the plot, he wants to woo the beautiful manager to get a payment bonus for the new Keto Coffee. Unfortunately, the tardigrade gained a lot of weight during the New Year holidays.

Now he has to pass a maze and collect all the packs of the slimming cocktail to get in shape and impress the girl. With each player who completes all levels of the labyrinth, the tardigrade will share a bonus: +1 dollar to the payment for each approval of the Keto Coffee offer during the week!

Take advantage of this lucrative offer by helping the tardigrade navigate the maze and get a bonus for Keto Coffee to make your promotion even more profitable and accumulate coins for participation in the Cash Rally raffles!

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