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Guide: How to Buy Ready-Made Proxies from Trusted Sellers at iProxy

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Evgeny Fomenko2024-01-28
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Guide: How to Buy Ready-Made Proxies from Trusted Sellers at iProxy

On this page, you will find information about Trusted Sellers (hereafter, “Sellers” or “Seller”) of mobile proxies created through our service. Here, you will learn about each Seller:

  • Name of the service.
  • Geographic distribution of available proxies.
  • Contact information.
  • Brief terms of use.
  • Refund terms.
  • Size of the security deposit (this is your protection against losses, which will be discussed further in the text).

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Quality Guarantees

Trusted Sellers Guarantees

We guarantee that Trusted Sellers will provide you with the following high level of service:

🔹Uninterrupted operation: Sellers guarantee an uptime of at least 90%.

🔹Fast response: Sellers are required to respond to your requests within 24 hours on business days.

🔹Notification of terms and conditions: You will always be informed about prices, geo-location, privacy, minimum uptime, terms of payment refunds, and other conditions.

iProxy Reliability Guarantee

The security deposit is an amount of money the Seller transfers to us as a guarantee of the Seller’s good faith. In case of a dispute with the Seller, iProxy will act as an arbitrator and, if necessary, compensate your losses from this deposit.

Tips for Safe Purchases

1️⃣ Clarify that you specifically need mobile proxies created using our service before making a purchase.

We only provide guarantees for proxies created through iProxy. We do not address complaints about the performance of any other proxies not made through our application (for example, on modems), even if you purchased them from a Trusted Seller.

2️⃣ If you need proxies from a specific mobile operator, region, state, or city, please also inform the Seller about your requirements.

3️⃣ Ask the Seller to provide you with information about the current terms of refunds in case of service interruptions.

4️⃣ Obtain confirmation that the Seller is willing to provide you with the necessary proxies.

5️⃣ After payment, ensure you receive confirmation of payment receipt.

6️⃣ Keep a record of your correspondence with the Seller, as it will help you in case of a dispute.

7️⃣ Use reliable mobile proxies, such as proxy for streaming or social media proxies, created on the iProxy infrastructure!

Complaint Procedure Against Trusted Sellers

1️⃣ First, contact the Seller.

2️⃣ If the Seller does not respond within 24 hours on business days or does not solve your problem, contact our technical support via Telegram or WhatsApp.

3️⃣ We will investigate your complaint, and if it is justified, we will notify the Trusted Seller and suggest the Seller compensate you for your losses.

4️⃣ If the Seller fails to make a refund within a week, we will do so instead, within the limits of the Seller’s security deposit.

Violations by a Seller may include reduced uptime, violation of refund policy, lack of communication with the Seller, and other breaches.

iProxy cares about you and your safety!

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