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How to set up duplication of incoming SMS messages from Android to Telegram bot?

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Evgeny Fomenko2023-11-19
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Phones often receive SMS. It may be advertising newsletters, but some of them may also be important messages about the Traffic limitation (Package GB) or the end of the paid period with a reminder to renew the SIM card plan. These important messages can be easily missed, since our clients usually use separate Androids for work, not their personal smartphones.

It is also impossible to track all incoming SMS in manual mode with a large number of connected phones.

SMS app by is made for this purpose, it duplicates incoming SMS from different Android phones into one Telegram bot.

Thus, you will receive SMS from all phones in one convenient window in Telegram.

It is easy to set up and you will not miss any important message. Now you will find out that the GB package is running out or the SIM card payment deadline is approaching, as quickly as possible.

SMS are sent in the following format: Connection name | Sender number | SMS text

You will be able to understand which of your Android phones (Connections) received the SMS in order to quickly pay for the SIM card.

All done! The bot will duplicate all SMS messages sent from the phone to your Telegram bot.

Sending USSD commands

In addition to incoming SMS, you can send USSD commands directly from your dashboard on the site.

iProxy Online
We recommend USSD commands to check your SIM card balance remotely without going to the phone.

The application supports both the duplication of incoming SMS from Android to the Telegram bot and pop-up windows which some smartphones display the balance in.

We at iProxy have foreseen all the cases in order to USSD commands work for you 100% efficiently.

This functionality is supported in tariff BigDaddy Pro.

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