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iProxy Trusted Sellers Guide

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Evgeny Fomenko2024-02-12
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iProxy Trusted Sellers Guide

In our ongoing effort to enhance user experience, we place special emphasis on providing you with the opportunity to share proxy access with others.

By granting you the status of a Trusted Seller and featuring information about your service on our website, we assure users that they will receive the most reliable service from you.

Therefore, if you want us to recommend your service to visitors of our site, you need to meet our customer service level requirements.

Furthermore, by distributing proxy access to other people (or sharing connections through team mode), you expose yourself to certain risks and also acquire some legal responsibilities.

On this page, we will share useful tips and recommendations on how to protect yourself and improve your service.

1️⃣ You must provide clients with complete information about the terms of your service. Pay special attention to tariffs and refund policy.

If you do not have a website where all this information is posted, we recommend you do the following:

  • Create a message template in a messenger app that you can send to users. Outline in it the main information about tariffs and refund terms and conditions.
  • Include in this message links to the full text of the Terms of Service Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (read here about what a Privacy Policy is and why it is so important for you). For your convenience, we have prepared templates of the necessary documents, which you can download and customize. Terms of Service template, Privacy Policy template.
  • Ask the user to confirm that they have read the documents linked before making a payment (for example, they can send you a message saying "acknowledged").
  • Save a screenshot of this correspondence; it may be useful in case the user has any complaints.

2️⃣ Request the user's name, mobile number, or email. Remember, all your clients' actions are under the IP address issued to your SIM card. To protect yourself from fraudsters planning to use your proxies for illegal purposes, ask users to reveal their mobile number in Telegram, send a verification email, or make a call. We also take measures for your security, as detailed in the article Why Do We Collect Logs and Don't Pretend Otherwise?

3️⃣ Ensure that your connections are uninterrupted. Maintain paid connections, active SIM cards, charged devices, and stable network coverage. You must ensure an uptime of at least 90%. Read here on how to better set up a proxy farm.

4️⃣ Ensure that the geography of the IP address matches the user's request. If the country, city, region, or state matters to users, ensure your device is away from the borders of these territories. There are cases where phones connect to a cell tower in a neighboring area, resulting in the wrong IP address. If you cannot position your device away from territorial borders, inform users in advance that geolocation may change.

5️⃣ Report possible service disruptions to our technical support via Telegram or WhatsApp quickly for prompt resolution. The faster errors are corrected, the fewer client complaints you will receive.

6️⃣ Promptly address any user complaints. We feature your information on our site only if you provide top-notch service. If you do not process user requests within 24 hours on business days, we may use your deposit for dispute resolution. Read more about the conditions for user loss compensation in Section 7 of the Trusted Seller Terms.

7️⃣ You cannot provide modem proxies to a client who requests phone proxies from iProxy. If we find in complaint investigations that you provided modem proxies instead of phone proxies, we will exclude you from the list of Trusted Sellers and take your deposit.

8️⃣ When receiving a client complaint, you cannot blame iProxy’s service without valid reasons. If we find you are attributing your shortcomings (unpaid tariffs, disconnected phones, inaccessible SIM cards, etc.) to iProxy in an attempt to improve your image in front of the client, we will remove you from the Trusted Sellers list and take your deposit.

9️⃣ Ensure that the Trusted Sellers page contains up-to-date information about your service. If any changes occur, we will promptly update this page. However, if you do not notify us of any significant changes, such as removing geolocations, we may deduct a fine from your deposit.

1️⃣0️⃣ Develop a discount system for users using the iProxy promo code. Provide a discount on phone proxies from iProxy when this promo code is used.

1️⃣1️⃣ Familiarize yourself with the Trusted Seller Terms to understand your rights and obligations when collaborating with us.

Thank you for your contribution and participation in our joint endeavor. Together, we create a better online environment for everyone. Let's continue to improve and grow together!

Local SEO
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