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Review of the antidetection browser Hidemium

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Evgeny Fomenko photo
Evgeny Fomenko2023-11-07
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What is Hidemium?

Hidemium is anti-browser software for those who need to use multiple accounts with different profiles on the same computer. These profiles are as independent as real users, separate in browser fingerprints: IP address, User-agent, proxy, cookies, time zone, language, media device, hardware, and more. It’s possible to work with Hidemium on the next platforms:

  • E-commerce platforms: Shopee, Lazada, or international floors Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc.
  • Social networking platforms, advertising: Facebook, Google, Tiktok, Instagram,v.v.
  • Electronic money

The client application of Hidemium is available for Windows, Mac OS based on Intel and M.

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Creating new profile in Hidemium

Click on New profile on the top of the app or on the button +Add Profile on the right corner.

iProxy Online

Enter the name of the profile, select the operating system, there is a choice, including Android and Linux. At the same time, developers recommend establishing a correspondence between the selected OS and the one installed on the computer. There is an opportunity to set the start page.

iProxy Online

Hidemium supports HTTP, Socks 4, Socks 5, SSH types of the proxy. Copy the proxy credentials from dashboard and paste it into the browser. It is possible to select a proxy checker from the list.

iProxy Online

The browser allows to import cookie files both from the file or as a text.

It is possible to change the hardware data, add bookmarks, extensions, prefill some fields according to the specified format. Then click Create profile or Create and Run profile on the bottom of the window.

iProxy Online

iProxy Online


Another feature is CookieRobot which helps to get cookie automatically. Click 3 dots near the profile name, choose Run CookieRobot

iProxy Online

Enter each site on a new line for automatic visits, set the settings how long the robot will work: the number of seconds or the end of the work upon visiting all the pages from the list.

iProxy Online

Team work

Hidemium allows to share profiles with colleagues and fully transfer profiles when working in a team.

iProxy Online

There are options to export cookie files, copy profiles or it’s configuration.

Folder section

The Folder section makes it easier to manage work areas. Specifically, it allows to divide and group tasks into the same group, which makes it much more convenient to run tasks. Users can have 3 more actions in this section:

  • Share. Users can share the folder with other account.
  • Edit. Users can edit the Folder name here.
  • Delete. Users can delete any folders.

iProxy Online

Proxy section

Hidemium supports import and export proxies in a bulk. It’s more convenient to add proxy into the new profiles if it is saved using this section.

iProxy Online


The useful option is to make automation for the repetitive action in the profile. Hidemium has it’s own tool to create such scripts. You can see the simple example of opening the site on a new tab in the profile on the screenshot below.

iProxy Online

As a conclusion, we note that Hidemium has all the necessary features for the antidection browser at a reasonable price.

Instruction for setting up proxy in Hidemium.

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