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VIP server service in iProxy

How much does the VIP server cost?

The cost of the VIP server is the same as with the hosting provider. For example, a VPS costs 25 USD per month. This means that 25 USD per month will be deducted from the iProxy account balance.

Can I choose the hosting provider myself?

Yes, you can.

Can I choose the technical specifications of the server?

Yes, you can choose a server based on price and capabilities according to your request. You can choose a cheaper server, for example, for 15 USD per month, or you can go for more expensive ones at 50 USD or 200 USD per month. Since the expenses for the VIP server are borne by the Client (that is, by you), iProxy does not limit the choice in server power and its cost.

We recommend using servers that cost from 25 USD per month.

Can I choose the server location?

Yes, you can.

Can I rent the server myself and provide you with all the details to manage it?

No, all servers are managed by iProxy. You can recommend a hosting provider to us from whom you want to rent a server.

In which locations are servers available?

In the following locations, we are ready to provide VIP servers.

USA - Los Angeles
USA - New York
USA - Dallas
USA - Seattle
USA - Richmond
USA - Atlanta

Brazil - São Paulo

Ukraine - Kyiv
Poland - Warsaw
Germany - Frankfurt
Germany - Munich
Netherlands - Amsterdam
Italy - Rome
France - Paris
France - Strasbourg
United Kingdom - London Latvia - Riga

Turkey - Istanbul

Singapore - Singapore
Japan - Tokyo
India - Mumbai
India - Bangalore
India - Delhi

Australia - Sydney

Canada - Toronto

Server provisioning time: from 2 hours to 2 days.

I want a VIP server in a city that is not on the list. Can I order a VIP server from the city I need?

Yes, you can. Let us know which hosting provider has the required location. The creation time for a VIP server in a "new" city takes up to 7 days.

Which cities are available if I don't know the hosting providers?

USA - Miami
USA - Atlanta
USA - Chicago
USA - Honolulu
USA - Silicon Valley

Chile - Santiago

Mexico - Mexico city

Spain - Madrid
United Kingdom - Manchester
Sweden - Stockholm

Japan - Osaka
South Korea - Seoul

Israel - Tel Aviv
Australia - Melbourne

South Africa - Johannesburg

You can also perform a Google search to find hosting providers from the country or city you need.

How long does it take to receive a VIP server?

If the server is from the specified list, the provisioning time is from 2 hours to 2 days. If the server is not on the specified list, the provisioning time can take up to 7 days.

How to manage a VIP server: where to view statistics, load, and how to restart the server?

Managing server restarts, upgrades, and providing load statistics is done through iProxy technical support.

Will the proxy speed on a VIP server be higher?

Practice shows that the speed will be better.

Since on a VIP server you have control over the server load, there won't be sudden situations due to a sharp increase in server load.

What to do if the server is down, and the speed is low? Should I contact the hosting provider myself?

Please contact iProxy technical support. Since iProxy owns and manages the server, support requests to the hosting provider are handled by iProxy.

How and where do I pay for the server? Who is responsible for renewing the lease?

Payment for the VIP server is made once a month. The amount is deducted from the cabinet balance.

How to transfer existing connections to a VIP server?

You need to manually create new connections on the VIP server and re-login to the new connections on Android phones.

Is it possible to have a VIP server for testing?

It depends on the availability of free VIP servers. Please contact support for clarification.

Can a VIP server be shared with other accounts?

Yes, it's possible, and it will help you save on the cost of the VIP server.

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