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Technical requirements for an Android device

Is there iProxy for iPhones?

No, and not planned in the near future.

What is the oldest Android version that will still work?

From 5.0+

If my phone is connected to Wi-Fi instead of mobile Internet, will the proxies work?

Yes, the proxies will work.
But you won’t be able to remotely change your IP address, since Wi-Fis change their IP address when the router physically gets turned off and on again. More so, this method doesn’t guarantee your IP address will be changed: it all depends on your home Internet provider.
We recommend working with a SIM card, since when you remotely toggle Airplane mode, the mobile operator assigns the device a new IP address. Read more about changing your IP address in our article.

If my phone has 2 SIM cards, can I launch 2 proxies at once on 1 phone?

That’s operationally impossible. To work with iProxy, insert a SIM card ONLY into SLOT #1.

How to make sure the proxies work without interruptions?

It works fine on most phone models. For XiaoMi, Meizu and Huawei devices it’s sometimes necessary to turn off energy-saving mode and allow the app to run in the background.

Example of disabling energy-saving mode:

Example of setting it up on Meizu:

iProxy Online
You must enable working OpenVPN in the background.

Also carefully read the guide on launching mobile proxies.

In the settings, there may be a limit on the number of Megabytes or Gigabytes per month for traffic from a SIM card. Make sure that this limit is removed on your phone.

My phone doesn’t support 4G/LTE. Will it work with iProxy through 3G?

It will, but the speeds will be lower. We recommend using phones that support 4G.

Does iProxy work on all phone models? What are the requirements for the phone?

It works fine on most phone models. Problems may sometimes occur on really antiquated and rare Chinese phone models. If you already have an Android device - just test it out. If you’re planning on buying a phone to use the service, take a look at our list of recommended models.

Android 6.1+, 4G support (for the speed to be higher, but it technically works with 3G, too), at least 2GB of RAM. CPU: ARM Cortex-A53 is not recommended.

Do proxies work on non-rooted Android devices?

Yes, they do. Remote change ip works as well. The easiest way to do it would be through the VA (Voice Assistant). You can also set up an IP change via the Macrodroid clicker. Check out the detailed guide covering both ways in our article.

If I install OpenVPN from the PlayMarket, will it work with iProxy?

Not necessarily, the iProxy app checks for the required version of OpenVPN and if it doesn’t match - downloads the required version. Delete the OpenVPN version you downloaded from the PlayMarket and download the one iProxy tells you to.

Why do I need to remove mobile traffic restrictions in the Phone settings?

In the settings of some phones, SIM cards may have traffic-related restrictions (number of megabytes or gigabytes per month). Make sure that this limit is removed on your phone.

What information must I know in order to use

Launching proxies through isn’t hard at all. Be sure to take a look at our Complete guide for launching mobile proxies through, where you will probably find answers to most of your questions.

Do your proxies work with disabled Google Play Services?

They do. However, out of the remote IP address change, only the rotation will work. Changing your IP address via link, Telegram bot command or API won’t work, since Google Play Services are necessary for iProxy to be able to “reach” the phone and “tell” it to switch to Airplane mode.

If I launch a VPN on a phone with iProxy, what IP address will the proxy show?

iProxy won’t work. Only one VPN can work on a phone at a time. Either OpenVPN will work - for the purposes of iProxy, or any other VPN, but then iProxy will remain docile.

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