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Proxy speed and privacy, DNS spoofing

Will the proxies I get belong to me alone? In other words, will they be 100% private and no one will use them but me?

Yes, the mobile proxies are 100% private.

  1. Legal guarantee: Terms and conditions, drawn up by professionals in the field of IT legal services.
  2. In your mobile operator profile, you’ll be able to make sure that “extra” traffic isn’t consumed.
  3. In the Connection settings, you can check the "logs", or in other words, sites that are visited through a proxy.
    iProxy Online
  4. The project’s reputation and thousands of satisfied clients guarantee you the privacy of the proxies you launch.
How fast is iProxy?

The proxy speed depends on your phone’s Internet speed. The speed through the proxy will be 10-15% less than the minimum incoming or outgoing speed. The speed through the proxy is affected not only by the incoming, but also the outgoing one, since traffic is sent from your phone to the server.

Choose a mobile operator that provides the better quality in places the phone will be located.

The proxy speed is not constant and changes every second and depends on the total number of users connected to the tower you’re using. For example, in the evenings, the speed decreases since people come home from work and watch movies. At night, the speed once again increases.

Also, the Internet speed depends on the phone’s bandwidth: more expensive phones have a more powerful Internet receiver than cheap ones do, even if they both claim to support 4G. IProxy loads Youtube in HD quality no problem.

Do you replace Passive OS Fingerprint (TCP/IP, pOf)?

Yes, we do. Please, visit our article to learn more.

Does iProxy have any restrictions on the number of flows?

No, it does not.

A large number of flows are running when a regular web page is loading. Fonts, layout, pictures, ads, etc. are all loading. Each load is a separate flow. Thus, when loading a normal page, several flows are launched and are all operating simultaneously. IProxy has no restrictions regarding this number of flows.

How do I check the speed of my proxies?

Connect to a proxy, click the link and check your speed.

What does the DNS depend on? My DNS doesn’t match the proxy’s GEO, what do I do?

Watch this video:

Can I boost the proxy’s speed? If so, how?

The proxy speed depends on the phone’s speed.

You can improve your phone’s speed in the following ways:

  • move to a place in the room where the Internet connection is better
  • try a different mobile operator
  • try a different (more powerful) phone
  • use a signal amplifier
What is Facebook’s stance on DNS? What will happen if the proxy’s GEO doesn’t match the DNS’s GEO?

As for Facebook, as well as other platforms, the proxy’s GEO not matching the DNS’s GEO should really affect the accounts trustworthiness.

Try to log in from your phone without a proxy, using your mobile Internet on and check the DNS. It’s highly likely the DNS will be Finnish. This means that situations where the proxy’s GEO doesn’t match the DNS’s GEO is nothing special, which is why Facebook also doesn’t regard it as anything unusual.

What is Wi-Fi Split?

The option which allows to increase the speed through the proxy and reduce the traffic consumption by 2 times. Learn more in the article.

Is using mobile proxies for e-commerce safe?

Yes, it is safe when you choose a reliable proxy provider. With iProxy, you create your own proxy connection from your phone, minimizing third-party access to your data (learn more about the traffic route through the proxy).

Why should you avoid using free proxy services for social media?

Free proxy services for social media often lack proper security measures, making your personal information vulnerable to hackers and data breaches. It is advisable to buy proxies for social networks from reputable and paid proxy services that prioritize user privacy and offer reliable performance.

What type of anonymity do your proxies offer?

iProxy's mobile proxies offer high-level anonymity, ensuring that your online activities cannot be traced back to your original IP address. They mask your IP address and encrypt your internet traffic, making it difficult for anyone to track your online identity or monitor your browsing habits.

Free proxies or paid proxy services, what to choose?

We recommend to use paid proxy services because paid proxies offer faster speeds, more server locations, and enhanced security compared to free proxies. They also provide additional features like encryption and customer support, ensuring a better browsing experience overall.

What is the difference between 3G, 4G, 5G, and LTE mobile proxies?

The key distinction between 3G, 4G, LTE, and 5G mobile proxies is their speed. As we move from 3G to 5G, internet connections become much faster and more dependable.

Are mobile proxies secure?

Yes, mobile proxies offer a secure layer by routing your traffic through genuine mobile networks, making detection harder.

When I create a mobile proxy farm using Android and iProxy, will I obtain private mobile proxies?

Yes, you get 100% private proxies that are under your exclusive control. When you purchase "ready-made proxies" from other proxy providers, you take the privacy of the proxy "on faith". But in the case of iProxy, you create your own proxy access and solely determine who can connect to it.

How do I protect myself if I fear illegal use of my mobile proxies by clients?

When you provide mobile proxies, your customers use them for Internet activity under the IP address associated with your SIM card. It is important to realise that if illegal activities are detected, law enforcement may initially contact you as the SIM card owner.

However, if you follow the following tips, your risks will be minimised:

Storing connection logs: This is a critical step. Keeping detailed logs allows you to provide accurate information about connection times, IP addresses, and websites visited. In the event of a law enforcement request, you will be able to prove exactly who was using your services at any given time. Since we have the necessary technical capabilities, we, in the interests of our clients, store logs of their connections, and therefore, at their request we can provide information about from which IP-address and at what time the connection to their connection was made, what websites were visited by the user. Thus, we are always ready to help our client to prove their integrity.

Storing customer contact information: Collecting and storing your users' e-mail and phone numbers will allow you to quickly contact them or provide this information to law enforcement agencies if necessary. This also acts as a warning to users that their actions may be traced.

Transparent Terms of Use: Clearly state in your user agreement or privacy policy that illegal use of proxy services is prohibited and will be prosecuted. Specify that you retain connection logs and have the right to share information with law enforcement if criminal activity is detected. Taking these measures will not only help you to protect yourself from possible legal claims, but will also increase your customers' trust in your service, confirming your responsibility and concern for the safety and legality of the services you provide.

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