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All about Root Android devices

Where and how can I root my phone?

We've prepared instructions for rooting certain phones. The list of phones can be found on this page.
You can also look for rooting specialists in your city.

How to get ROOT on Android devices?

We have prepared a list of phones, that you can root yourself. The most popular model is the Alcatel 1 5033d Android 8.1.0. You can flash it yourself, since 99.9% of users did it on their own, our tech support will help with rooting, and we also prepared a detailed video guide:

If you have a different phone model, then we recommend giving it to specialists so that you don’t waste your time on a long and dreary rooting process.

Please note that rooting XiaoMi devices may take 7-14 days, during which the manufacturer will grant you permission to obtain root rights. Tip: check in advance with the specialist that will root your XiaoMi device, whether they know how to do it without waiting 7-14 days.

For those who want to experiment with root-rights on their own, we recommend checking out the guide on 4pda.

If you have a regular non-rooted Android device, set up a remote IP address change through the VA. It’s a very simple and convenient method.

What’s Root?

Root is a flashing that gives applications "super rights". The iProxy app with root rights can independently toggle Airplane mode (to change the device’s IP address) and remotely reboot the device.

Can I buy a rooted Android device from you with 100% working proxies?

Sure, contact us in Telegram @iproxy_support. The price is 59,9$ (the prime cost of a new phone, with no additional charge) + shipping costs.

Do I need root access?

No, root permissions are not needed, iProxy works on all Android devices.

Other questions