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How does changing an IP address work?

Do you offer a remote IP address change option?

We do. It works on both rooted and non-rooted devices. Be sure to check out the How to set up a remote IP address change through article.

Can I set up an IP address change after a given period of time (rotation) through you?

Yes, you can. Screenshot:

iProxy Online

On what devices can I set up a remote IP address change?

On any: both rooted and non-rooted devices support remote IP address change. More details in our How to set up a remote IP address change in article.

What is the difference between setting up change IP change via Voice Assistant and Root-access?

Root-access and Voice Assistant give the iProxy application the access to switch the airplane mode on device. However, there are differences in each of the above methods.

Voice assistant. Positive:

  • very easy to set up, just a couple of clicks
  • works on regular Android

Voice assistant. Minuses:

  • may not be configured on all devices
  • can't reboot the device. Restarting the phone is extremely rarely necessary, so this is not a significant disadvantage
  • set up can be broken after restarting the phone. Usually Androids don't reboot by themselves, so it's not critical for most cases.

Root-access. Positive:

  • does not broken after restarting the phone
  • can reboot the device

Root-access.t. Minuses:

  • it is often extremely difficult to configure. Special skills and experience are required. It is extremely difficult for an ordinary user to get root and it is highly not recommended by the iProxy administration.
  • if the root-access is incorrectly configured, the phone may stop turning on
  • not every phone can have root-access.

Conclusion: definitely start setting up remote change IP change via Voice Assistant, and only if you have any problems, you will have to try to get root-access or configure via Macrodroid. You can read more about each method in our article.

Can I set up an IP address change when following a link?

Yes, you can. Screenshot:

iProxy Online

How long is the delay during the IP address change?

On most phones it’s no more than 3-5 seconds. This time is needed to put the phone in Airplane mode, take it out of it and to search for the network. On older slow phones it can take up to 10-25 seconds. You can also adjust how long the phone stays in Airplane mode in the Connection settings:

iProxy Online

How do I change the IP address on non-rooted Android phones?

The easiest way to do it would be through the VA (Voice Assistant). You can also set up an IP change via the Macrodroid clicker. Check out the detailed guide covering both ways in our article.

Can I use my domain in a link that will change the IP address?

Yes, you can. For more details, contact our Telegram tech support.

Can I change my IP address on multiple proxies via the same link?

Yes, you can.

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