What connection type should I use? Do you support HTTP/SOCKS5?

Yes, we support HTTP and SOCKS5

Both types of connection are identical in terms of speed and anonymity.

To create a proxy access-point, go to the Connection settings: http socks5 proxy access choose iproxy.png

Also, practice has shown that if you connect to very distant countries, for example, you are in Russia, and connect to a proxy in Brazil, then it’s best to use HTTP.

Can I make multiple proxy access points to 1 phone?

Yes, you can.

Remember that you can have several proxy access points, but all of them will have the same external IP address, since these are just different ways to connect to your phone’s traffic.

Create a proxy access point: http socks5 proxy access choose iproxy.png

Where can I get access to my proxies?

In your Dashboard personal account you can see the IP, port, login, pass. Account access points screenshot: dashboard iproxy english.png

How to stop a Connection without deleting its personal account?

Click “On/Off” in the app: скриншот из приложения iproxy.png

Why do you delete a Connection from the personal account if the phone hasn’t been paid for within 10 days?

Space is reserved on the server for each Connection. Removing unused Connections helps us offer the lowest prices on the market.

If necessary, you can create a new connection at any time. In the Android app, you need to log out and log into the newly created connection.

Can I transfer a Connection to a different phone?

Yes, you can. To do this, log out on the first phone and then log in on the second.

Can I create proxy access points without Login/Password authorization?

Yes you can. Check out this video guide:
proxy access without authorisation iproxy.png

What should I pick: HTTP or SOCKS5?

Both types of connection perform the same in terms of speed, security and anonymity. In simple terms: different ways of transmitting traffic, but both are reliable.

Our experience shows that if you’re really far away from the proxy’s GEO, best to choose HTTP.

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