How to set up iProxy in Indigo/Multilogin?

Specify proxy settings in the program. Example:

How to set up iProxy on a Mac?
  • HTTP works in all browsers except Safari and Firefox
    Video guide “How to set up HTTP on a MAC”:
  • SOCKS5 work only in Safari (all other browsers simply won’t be able to access the Internet, and Firefox will just keep using your original connection, ignoring the proxy. There is a solution for Firefox: the Proxy Toggle extension (as to how to use it, check out the Q&A section)
    Video guide “How to set up SOCKS5 on a MAC”:
How to set iProxy in Zennolab?

Make sure to specify SOCKS5

How to set iProxy in the Samara browser?

Step 1.
Step 2.

How to set up iProxy on Windows?

For SOCKS5 - no possible way. For HTTP - currently working on it. Expect a solution in the near future.

How to set iProxy in Mozilla Firefox?

Install the Proxy Toggle extension. Link to the extension: In the extension settings, enter the access data, do not forget to check the Remote DNS checkbox. Example:

The Remote DNS option will automatically replace the DNS GEO from your real one to that of a proxy. For example, you’re in Russia and are using a US proxy without checking the Remote DNS box. Then the GEO of the external IP will be a US one, and the DNS one - a Russian one. Whereas, should you check the mentioned box, both GEOs will be displayed as US.

Do you have an API?

We do have an API. Contact our Telegram tech support @iproxy_support for instructions on how to work through the API.

How to set iProxy in FbTool?

In FBTOOL in the Facebook Accounts tab - Add an account. In the proxy settings, type (separated by a colon) ip:port:login:password:socks5
This is what it should end up looking like: fbtool-iproxy-setup .png

Is there IP address authorization?

Yes, there is. ip_whitelist_iproxy_english.png

Can I make money on iProxy? Launch mobile proxies and rent them

Yes, you can. Join our mobile proxy trust sellers.

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